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Unacceptable Z flip 3 issues

(Topic created on: 31-08-2023 07:59 PM)
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I am a kid (16 to be precise), who was fortunate enough to have enough money saved up to buy a brand new Galaxy Z Flip3 5G a year and a half ago. I was ecstatic, a folding phone in my hands!? 

The hardware itself is delightful. I plan on buying another foldable when I replace this phone, but maybe not from Samsung.

I'll start with a minor issue: The software. Samsung wallet (pay) simply does not work. I have tried everything suggested in previous threads on this topic. Nothing. I want the integration that google pay simply does not have, yet on a £1000 phone, Samsung's own app does not work, whereas it had on my previous, £350 #A 70. 

I can get over that. What I can't get over is the fact I was taken advantage of by Samsung employees at official samsung stores.

My screen protector got debris underneath it, this is a common issue that samsung is well aware of and offers a free replacement of the screen protector because of.  So, I took myself down to the London Oxford Street Samsung Store and asked for a replacement. After the staff member "inspecting" my phone, he decided that due to a slight dent in the metal bar at the bottom of the back glass on the top half of my phone, that he in fact could not offer me a replacement. 

His reasoning was "that is part of your screen", *points at back glass*, " so we would need to replace the whole screen which would be rather expensive" *looks at me with an odd expression as though he is very proud of himself but also somewhat sympathetic with me*, " do you know how much that would cost?" he asks, to which I reply "idk, 250- 300 pounds or so". "Even more than that, we're talking more like 350 - 400", he replies. 


Here is the "part of my screen" that is damaged (sorry for mediocre quality of photo, had to take photo on my computer webcam):

Had this been a z flip 5, I would have understood what he was saying, but seeing as this was 9 months before the launch of that device, I can either assume he was attempting to subtly leak the new specs to me, or to take advantage of my young age.

However, even if this is a part of the screen, the screen was still functioning, and is today, so why could a new screen protector not be provided? There was not even an option to pay for it, which, considering the damage, I had been prepared to have to do.

But no. They saw me, a 16-year-old with an expensive phone, and my middle-class mother, who due to her greyed hair, could be, to be fair, correctly, taken to be entirely knowledge free in regard to technology.

I tried to argue my case, but he was not having it. Leaving me with two options, leaving the protector, housing debris, or allow him to remove it for me, free of charge (what crazy value!!!).

I opted, probably stupidly, for him to remove the protector, as i worried that repeated folding word force the debris into the screen, potentially ruining it.

The protector also had some fingernail marks, which did not make it through to the screen.

My phone now has a long fingernail line down it, as my friend decided to snatch it from me, and in doing so dragged his nails across the screen.

I know this wouldn't be the case without the awful treatment of samsung support. Had there been a screen protector, I would have to be in a constant state of fear that my phone screen may cease to work. My contract runs out in April next year. So, I have no other choice to continue to pay for Samsung's malpractice on a monthly basis, and to pay outright for a new phone, unless I continue to put up with my screen's state.

This simply doesn't seem acceptable

Samsung wallet is a hard app to get to work, most banks don't accept them in the UK more or less you have to use Apple pay or Google Pay
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Sorry to hear about your issues. Here are a number of Flip3 screen protectors that start at under £10 that will offer you some protection at a reasonable price...

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