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Touch Sensitivity & Keyboard issue on Fold 3

(Topic created on: 08-04-2022 08:54 PM)
Ridwanul Arefin Arno
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  • Touch Sensitivity Delay & Keyboard Response Delay!


I'm new to Z Fold 3, do you guys face any touch response delay when the keyboard pops up for the first time? 


For example: Went to youtube and searched for abcd but it takes some time to actually work so cd will come ab won't come at first response, it starts responding almost a second larer. I'll have to write ab again. Please do let me know if this is on my fold only. I've already tried all of the keyboard apps. It's same. I've also turned on the touch Sensitivity from the app still no luck. It keeps delaying while typing and specially while searching for something. 


Somtimes the touch doesn't response at all for touch but after a second it's buttery smooth. But the keyboard delay is unbearable,  specially when I'm trying to work fast.

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Mine seems fine on my Samsung Fold³ @Ridwanul Arefin Arno 

Perhaos try resetting the keyboard which may help.

A more overall tip is to use > You may need to hook up to a Computer or insert your earphones to enter into recovery mode. 

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