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Samsung Care+ total disappointment

(Topic created on: 02-06-2023 12:34 PM)
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Terrible service! 1800£ for a galaxy z fold 4 only to found that Samsung care+ has nothing to do with Samsung but it's just an insurance (Assurant) that you have to contact personally if you need a repair for your phone. Ridicolous! So you can't open a claim with Samsung but you have to contact them, wait days to assess the case (they take a day to respond to emails and they will ask you further details or photos), than pay the excess (115£) and then they will send a courier to collect the phone. 

The courier collected the phone and since than I haven't received any update from Samsung or Assurant. I contacted them and Assurant told me to contact Samsung. Which I did and they told me the phone is now under repair and they are waiting for a part and this could take up to 11 days. So far 9 days have passed since I opened the claim and I found this ridicolous. I asked Samsung for a replacement or refurbished phone and they said they can't and that I need to contact Assurant! Now Assurant will probably tell me that is Samsung who decide this.

Is this a premium service? How can you compare with Apple? I was willing to buy the fold 5 after I had the fold 2, 3 and 4 (and also many other Samsung products such as the galaxy book 3 pro 360) but I think I will buy another brand.

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Details would have been in the terms and conditions when you signed up for the Samsung Care +

You can always try booking an appointment with a participating Samsung Experience Store.

The Apple Care will be a third party insurance company as well.

All companies will deal with insurance claims in a different way. Some from experience are a lot more involved in trying to get a repair done.

As ever when you sign up to anything. Read carefully the terms and conditions, as all the information will be there in some form when you sign up
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Customers always need to fully consider the cover   with  Tech company insurance (though it will be 3rd party ),  the implications and alternatives.  Samsung Care Plus only offers a pick up service ,the general options include Doorstep Repairs,pick up and in store.   perhaps the point that the op was trying to make was that they viewed Apple Care as a quicker service.  personally I have not made a claim with with either of them.

A bit more on Samsung Care plus here 


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Fine. The point is not tha Samsung lied to me (us) but that offers this poor customer service. Like you said every company will deal with insurance claims in a different way. The Samsung way is not a good one for such an expensive phone.