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S Series Phone to Z Series - Upgrade Programme

(Topic created on: 21-08-2021 04:41 AM)
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My wife is due an upgrade. She currently has the S20 Plus and wants the Z Flip 3. Both phones are part of the upgrade programme but yet if you have an S series phone you can only upgrade to S series phones. Am I being stupid by thinking this is totally stupid by Samsung? I am wanting to give them more money and they won't take it?!?! Surely I'm not the only person who fancies a new Z series phone and currently on the upgrade programme with an S series phone. There has to be more out there....... I myself would look at getting the Fold 3 when my upgrade is due but not looking likely due to this stupid decision by Samsung to not allow you to move between series in upgrades..... crazy!!!

I have posted about this recently but no change to anything. Just left feeling angry about the whole thing. Upgrade Programme customer services is a waste of time. Please draw attention to this post to try and make change!!

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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 (latest Galaxy).... the advert says... "switch the the latest Galaxy every 12 months..." but yet you can't upgrade to the latest Galaxy every 12 months as the upgrade programme only allows for upgrades in the same series. I have the S20 plus right now and I only get options for the S21 series (NOT the latest Galaxy). This is misleading..... I want to upgrade to the latest Galaxy, I'm due my upgrade, however I can't do it?!?!?!
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Hello @JonoG 

Your not the first to raise this query in regards to wanting to choose a Flip³ or Fold³ instead of another s line phone while on the Samsung Upgrade Programme.

For reasons only known to Samsung your locked into only being able to only choose what is listed as eligible in your plan.

One of the recent threads is 

Personally I can't see why Samsung would only allow this as a person would be paying for the phone but just in installments.



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As a business and multi/split screen phone it's amazing but for a non power user the s21 or note 20 ultra smashes it.
Only my opinion, but I prefer my note 20 ultra 5g
Or my S21 with pen to my new z, but wow the screen is amazing.
Camera wise, the z is a little less amazing than both the note and S21. And the front screen ( though amazing) feels small due to the width compared to the other 2, Samsung have this right, the Z is amazing, but if you are using the phone folded its not as good. If you are using it open it's truly fantastic.
The Flip is just outstanding!
Have no doubt in my mind if they upgrade the cameras that will be the best phonecwithput a pen available. Apologies for going on, but first impressions, if the novelty of a folding screen is not important go with the S range, if you want to stand out with your piers the flip for day to day, the fold for work and wow factor.