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Removing Remote Hacker

(Topic created on: 03-02-2024 07:15 PM)
I am currently aware that my phone has been hacked deeply and keyloggers are recording everything typed. I have even Factory Reset but the live remote hack remained and clearly just logged instantly every password change I made
I don't know what or how they are doing it but I get little tiny odd flashes of random dots appearing when they are live hacking me.
I have paid subscriptions to AVG and FSecure both which find nothing.
I recently found DTrusted a free app which found 2 keyloggers on 1st pass
But the hackers still remain
Why can't Samsung developers create an app/or control which MONITORS ALL OUTGOING DATA?
And allows me to see exactly WHERE/WHO IP it is going??
I am now using a commercial trace and hacker is known local
But at present they want to involve authorities, I'm going to do old way and employ 6lb club hammer!

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Hey there

I'm sorry to hear of your issues.

With reference to Samsung monitoring all traffic out of our devices, my goodness there would be uproar. Data Privacy is such a big thing and Samsung would face huge issues with Regulators under GDPR.

I would suggest usually doing another factory data reset, then changing your Samsung and Google passwords on another device such as a laptop before setting up your device again. Make sure you select "log out of all devices" whilst you are changing passwords.

If that doesn't work, and if no one else has any better ideas, I would do the same again, FDR, change passwords then buy a new device.
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After factory reset. Start your phone as fresh.

Don't restore apps and settings .

Just your photos, contacts and stuff ( make sure you back up these is maybe a cloud like Google one)

Reinstall apps as and when needed.
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@English-Made  Best to follow  the advice suggested,  if somehow still no resolution an idea to take your Device to  a Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience store  if suitable.  

For the future to give yourself the best possible protection ensure software / security patches and aps are kept up to date, be careful of links in texts/emails as some of these may be malicious.  It is advantagous to have two factor authentification enabled for both your Samsung and Google Accounts  as well as sites which offer it.  It is advisable to clear internet history and cache periodically. History 

Protection is also increased if you do not download apps outside of the official stores,though there are some reputable APK sites.  Best also to be careful of public wifi unless using a VPN. 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

Big Cheese
how exactly do you know your being hacked/keylogged? im not being sarky im just curious as of to how one knows about this.

I’ve been there and I know how it feels being stalked by your ex . There are couple of things you need to notice and work on . You need to secure your mobile device with extra security , exes have a way of invading one’s phone that’s how they monitor your movement . I got off mine with the help of a professional (Bryan) he helped me delete every bug on my iPhone and also helped me track my exes location and I was able to report to the police . That’s how I became free from His psychopathy  Bryan was very diligent with the work. And gave me all I needed within an hour , amazing such an expert exist.

First Poster

Hello Jw643. Does Bryan know a way that I can find a track someone location from a samsung phone. I'm having the same problem and I'm trying to report him to the police. Please help 


If you need help , there are people who can help with such , you only tackle a hacker with another hacker , they know what they are doing . A very good professional cyber security expert will help you get of their malicious hardwares installed on your device , Bryan is a genius in this Area.


Yes , he helped me a lot in protecting my laptop data and also my phone including my emails.

And ditch avg and any program that claims to give you a full suite of protection including vpns etc. Do your research on what you install. Look into open source apps first as they have their complete code publish and very clever people look through that code. Pretenders would be found out ASAP.

I normally search for an open, sourced, and FREE version of anything. All these big companies scare you into believing.

Read up on everything you can about what you're paying for, as chances are you can get safer and free versions of the Fdroid store.

I never even click on links these days without running the URLs through a free OS untracked etc tool. All AVG, etc, all in one "protection" apps do is at the very least use your data and always have holes in to be exploited. Not mention they clog up your RAM usage and / or don't really do what they say.

Make sure, over anything, if you really value security and privacy, also use open source tried and tested apps. It will be better for your wallet and phone.

All those closed sourced apps that are free but have loads of terms & conditions, etc, need one thing to be asked about them. Why are they free?you'll find 9/10 free closed sourced apps are definitely not free.

A Google Place to Start, like I said before, is read up on fdroid and uses amazing companies like proton over anything like these archaic apps like AVG.

Some things have been covered already, but great apps that track your incoming and outgoing data already exist, are great on resources, and are free and open source. Double check all apps you want with at least a couple of sources from Web browsers that use duck duck go. All Google show you now is what they want you to see. So it's packed with results that are sponsored. It's almost out of control now.

Research prevention and safe app from a great community who really do care about what's the apps real agenda and its expoits are in it.

You can't ditch everything, but you can learn a hell of a lot, free. There is no need for an AVG sub. Sorry for the long post and a few repeated things. Every solution is out there, free/open sourced most of the time