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pointless warranty

(Topic created on: 10-06-2023 10:33 AM)

Having had a fold 3 for 22 months the centre line of the inner screen, having been displaying creases for some time (known as deglazing) caused the inner screen to stop connecting.

I visited my appointment with the Samsung experience store to be told that my warranty was now invalid because my screens were showing cosmetic damage. (scratches)

Samsung will not carry out any partial repair I.E. they consider replacing a faulty screen as part of the repair and as a result removing the scratched screen as a secondary repair.

Samsung do not state in the warranty that cosmetic damage will invalidate the warranty and also do not allow any provision for wear and tear.

The warranty provided by Samsung is a meaningless gesture and does not offer the customer any benefit.

i am now seeking legal advise and will update accordingly.

for a world leader in mobile technology this company has a lot to learn about customer satisfaction.


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Hello @phill-I-am 

I'm sorry to hear of the issues your experiencing with your Samsung phone. 😔 

The inner factory fitted screen protector on my Samsung Fold³ delaminated so I removed and used the phone without one. My choice.

I would think Samsung would accept fair wear and tear but wouldn't repair under the banner of accidental damage.

Are you able to take a picture of the scratches you mention and upload them into your thread here so we can see too ?

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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The company is a complete rip off. And should be sued globally by all people they sold a flip or fold phone.

My phone turns off when i close it, and the warranty is not valid because it has a line in the center where the phone folds. That line appears on every phone they sell in the exact same spot. The reason why it appears is more then obvious. Its an half finished product available on the marketplace with very bad quality. In other words they know much earlier then you that it will appear there. They are selling a product that cant even last 2 years and they dont want to repair it. I am pretty sure that we are talking about serious crime on a global level. And whats even more funny is that on the phone was a plastic film protector on the screen which was made 100%samsung quality and started to peel off after 2 months, and now listen this. I wanted to buy a new screen protector. But i was told that there are none available currently due shortage of supply , and that i am not able to buy one currently.


So let get trough everything once again. First they sell phones of which they are fully aware that they will break down. They wont accept your warranty because off the center line which appears on each phone, despite the HUGE LIE of 200 folds per day over 5 years, which is again false marketing and is a criminal activity on global level. And yeah you cant buy protection for the screen because they dont have it on stock, but yet they want you to have it.


The company's policy is so disgraceful, i will never never never in my life buy anything from this fraudulent institution.


I will definitively seek legal advice and pursue them for false marketing and not delivering their promises.

Its multi-billion dollar company that doesn't care about their product quality and which is even more concerning about the customers to which they sell their faulty hardware.






And yeah the guy in the customer service where i brought the phone told me after 5 seconds, that the screen is broken. Which makes their fraudulent behavior even more disgraceful.

hi, sorry just seen this. the scratches won't show on a photo so they must be tiny
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Looking at this I agree with the above a tiny scratch gets Samsung out of fixing their products by invalidating the warranty. I have a similar issue with a scratch invalidating my screen failure. I'm still waiting for them to send me the photo evidence of the issue. Meanwhile they are returning my phone unrepaired.

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So they never sent my photos but I got my phone back today now not working bottom screen full white now when before it was a line in the middle. Also the tiny scratch of the reason warranty was invalid.20240327_165012 (1).jpg20240327_165052 (1).jpg20240327_165435 (1).jpg