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The next big thing! (Z FOLD SERIES)

(Topic created on: 11-06-2023 09:36 AM)
Just some suggestions if anyone at the Samsung lab is taking notes on how to innovate further the Z fold series. Still currently using the Z fold 2 5G and i don't see the appeal to upgrade almost 3 models on especially with the Z fold 5 being announced soon. 

● The front screen is too narrow even testing out the current Z fold 4, i still find this somewhat constricted at times. The front screen is too narrow causing apps to have aspect ratio problems (at times). When unfolded not every app is set up for a smooth continuous experience thus causing apps to now be enlarged too much as again it is not for that screen ratio. Using Instagram for example. The experience is seamless from front cover but when unfolded, you have aspect ratio size problems. 

● If the Z fold series is to continue the mantle of the Note series, the next unveil should include anintegrated S pen slot how the note series had. Then can you have the fold series as a complete power house which can multi task unlike anything. Credit to Samsung for integrating water resistance. This has been my fear ever since switching from my Note 10 Plus but again I've had to be extra cautious. 

● I do wish Samsung releases the personalisation experience they gave with the Z fold 2 where you could customise the colour of your hinge etc. I personally opted for the Gold colour hinge with the black colour and it turns heads and rightly so considering at the time it was almost a £2000 device. I do wish the experience for the Z fold owner would be exclusive how it was when the original Galaxy fold was launched. Samsung was very generous providing wireless buds and this should continue considering customers are forking out upto £1799. Shipping mobile accessories in separate packaging and paying for what should come as standard is not eco-friendly. It should be an experience in itself when unpacking the handset. The Z fold should have embedded the best of samsung how we used to get with the Note series and then it trickled down the range. We seem to get last years components to a phone which should have been the pinnacle of samsung innovating as always.

● The game changer for me would be if Samsung made the hinge illuminate or even the Samsung letters illuminate. When the phone is folded, this would allow users to know when a notification has come through. When samsung collaborated with 'Emporio Armani' and made the Samsung M7500 (a phone which i still own till today), it was breathtaking to see the lettering of "Emporio Armani" to be illuminated in 3 different colors R,G,B. Was it a gimmick? Absolutely not. Samsung showed time and time again they are not afraid to innovate which is what we want to see. Developers can extend this feature further I'm sure too. A simple way of allowing the samsung lettering to be illuminated would no doubt make it stand out amongst the crowd more when every handset almost looks identical now. Can we see another collaboration with Emporio Armani?? How amazing would that unboxing be with exclusing accesories for the Z fold 6 Emporio Armani edition!!!

● Water drop hinge - I'm sure we will see this in the Z fold 5 to reduce the crease down the middle of the screen.

● Better speakers. Can we not have 4 outwards firing speakers to really enhance the audio experience when enjoying content when the screen is unfolded as opposed to just the 2 currently? 

● Better battery life. Surely 2x 2,500mah batteries can be fitted. The geniuses at samsung labs need to find a way to give this phone at least 5,000mah to power through the day without any issues.

Let me know your thoughts. Perhaps i should do a unbox video of the samsung armani m7500 on my Youtube channel. I hope someone at Samsung reaches out. I've had many ideas for sometime but the slow innovation of each Z fold series is getting tiring. 

YT @ shubobtv

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The Z fold 5 is expected to be released at the next Samsung event in July, so next month isn't to far away now.
Doubt it will be much of an upgrade to the current Z fold 4 from all the rumours swirling.
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Prefer my flat screen. Too many problems with a folded screen.
Wait till they go wrong with the hinges swe how much they cost then
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Thank you for sharing @thagaffar  👍 

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