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(Topic created on: 31-12-2021 04:24 AM)
Hi all I had a fold to which I dropped  and it chipped on the top right corner I managed to trade it in and upgrade an additional line I had to the fold 3 but am in 2 minds about keeping it as am pay full rate about 1500 but if I keep it I would get the case with s pen and the plug and the galaxy watch 4 but I've already got the watch 3 so am thinking of giving it back and waiting for the s22 ultra but then am thinking am getting everything I need if I keep it plus the inside screen viewing is great so far the offer I got with fold 3 has expired now so once I give back won't be able to get it back 
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Hi @Superdan 


Let's start with......

What we know:smiling-face:

The Fold3 is a really nice powerful device with good features and functions and a big inner screen with the fold technology.

The Samsung Watch 4 is an upgrade to the previous model Watch 3 model

, and has recieved some good reviews.

The Samsung Starter Kit is a good promotional offer with the sPen,  power brick and case enclosed.


What we don't know.  😞

What the Samsung Galaxy s22 is going to bring yet in regards to aesthetics , functions and features, how it'll perform, and if it'll house a sPen or not.

All we've seen thus far is leaks and rumour, although I'm sure some will be close.

What pre order deals on the phone will be available if any.

What if any promotional items if at all will accompany the phone.



At the end of the day this is going to have to be a personal choice for you. :winking-face:

Sometimes buyers remorse can be playing a part.

The Samsung Galaxy s22 isn't far away but I appreciate due to the timeframe of the promotional offer attached to the Fold you don't have the luxury of waiting.

In the UK Samsung provide 28 days as a cooling off period when buying direct from their Samsung Online Store. 

I suppose there is an option to sell the Fold , watch and starter kit to accrue disposable income to then buy the Samsung Galaxy s22 phone !

I wish you all the best with how you decide to proceed.

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