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Fold 4 [Opinion]

(Topic created on: 29-08-2022 11:45 PM)
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip

So I have had my Fold 4 for a week now, and to be honest I am absolutely loving it especially the inner display. But i have also noticed a few things which I really hope gets fixed are improved upon in next year's Fold 5 !!

To begin with I would really like to see....

 - Bigger inner display with a screen size of atleast 8 inch 
 - Also the inner display needs to be tougher 
 - Cover display needs to be lla 6.7 display with a 21.9 aspect ratio 
 - Bigger battery around 5000mah 
 - Faster wired charging like 80/120W
 - Faster wireless charging like 80W 
 - Display needs a higher pixel count like 522 ppi 
 - Display must be HDR 10+ and Dolby vision certified 
 - Higher peak brightness 1500nits are higher 
 - Needs to have an LTPO 3.0
 - Must have an MEMC chip 
 - Needs to have flagship camera's like for example the S22 Ultra but with more improvements to them
 - The crease must be absolutely minimum 
 - Needs an under display fingerprint sensor 
 - Under display camera pixel count needs to get much higher 
 - Better under display camera like a 12/16mp not a 4mp
 - Better cover display camera like at least 40mp
 - Needs to try and achieve an IPX rating of IPX 67
 - Needs to have a better design to differ it from previous device's
I absolutely hope that they will address some of these issues in next year's Fold 5 fingers crossed !!
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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
A lot of those issues as you call them probably won't get sorted for a while.
The technology is not there yet
I'd like better cameras, but it comes at a cost. Would make the phone much thicker for a start.
Bigger battery also would be nice, but again adds thickness and weight
No company that makes foldable phones has yet made the main screen durable. That said in normal use, its perfectly fine now. But technology is not there yet or at least cheap enough
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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip

I agree a bigger battery would have been nice @Duckmartin with I'm sure many sacrificing thickness to accommodate this.

This could then mean a housing for the Fold Pen.

The crease is a bone of contention for some but after using my Fold³ flr a while I find myself simply looking past that.

Hopefully the Fold⁴ has a more durable factory fitted internal screen protector than the one that was on my Fold³.

I would have liked a bigger outer screen on my Fold³ and understand they have increased this on the Fold⁴ by about 3mm accomplished by building the Fold⁴ with thinner bezels so the outer screen actually feels bigger.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the Fold⁴ 👍

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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
I love mine compared to my fold 3, I find myself not opening it up half as much as the front screen, although only marginally I find much more usable as its that bit wider.

Battery seems better and the phone doesn't get half as hot.

Camera is better

The taskbar on the main screen is brilliant and makes multitasking much easier than before.

Small upgrades, but defiantly a much improved phone
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
I hope they have sorted the Screen Protector out as Fold 3 fails very common and they charge a lot to fix.

I definitely can't wait to get rid of mine.
Galaxy fold4
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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip

I suggest to galaxy fold team to reduce dimensions of next fold5 generation to be 151.5x70x6.3 mm that because I have used fold2 since two years. It is great divice but to tall. Also when it is unfold the size of screen look like stupid. But by increasing the width and decrease the tall. I think it will be best sale in 2023.