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OneUI 6.1 Update Navigation Bar

(Topic created on: 4 weeks ago)
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My phone just updated to OneUI 6.1 and reset my navigation bar preferences. Before I had the swipe from bottom gestures for recent apps, home, and back button. Now that option has been completely removed from the OS and replaced with an awful iPhone style single bar and side gestures that interfere with swiping in many apps. It's terrible. 

I found a workaround by downloading the "Good Lock" app in the Samsung shop, then installing the "Nav Star" module, which then has options to restore these settings, but I shouldn't have to download a bunch of sketchy apps and grant permissions to third party developers just to have my OS work as expected. The new options are a big step back, please reinstate the previous swipe from bottom options.

PS - I have never disabled an option faster than the "Circle for Search" that seems to have caused this change.

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We hear you, but it's Google not Samsung decision.
Regards Obsydian - (Car & Tech Evangelist)

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Like it or not.
I'm afraid the navigation gestures are here to stay.
Google had to fit in the AI features someway.
Goodlock is something that Samsung has developed for many years now so it's not sketchy. Because consumers wanted to customise their phones more, this was developed.