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Inserting Shapes on Samsung Notes

(Topic created on: 24-01-2022 12:59 AM)
First Poster
Hello there,

I have Galaxy Z Fold 2 and my question is about Samsung Notes App. I have been using Samsung Notes for more than 7 years. There used to be "Insert Shapes" feature, which was to include shapes like rectangle, circle, arrows, lines etc.

I see that recently the insert shapes function is substituted with software-enhanced processing like neat shapes, auto fix shape where the phone recognises the hand drawn shape and makes a neat shape. These functions, however, come with S pen and Fold 2 doesn't work with a pen. Additionally, these functions are not included on the tool bar or settings of Fold 2. There is no insert shapes functions either. That was a very handy function to insert shapes quickly to create flowcharts, diagrams etc. Could you please look into this? Because Samsung Notes app went backwards when it comes to shapes.

ps. I have contacted Samsung Support team and they have confirmed that Samsung Notes on Fold 2 cannot add, recognise or edit shapes of any form.