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Hold touch move close .

(Topic created on: 02-05-2023 03:45 PM)
I really don't know why the words are so faint on this forum in the title bar nice black bold. But when you try to type your buff in msg box it so faint and small. What is this all about. And if am right you can't zoom to read. I might be wrong there need to check back.

Anyway as much as I like my fold .I have diabetes and when you try and scan when you have things open you close and move. Similar stuff with the camera stuff youbtry and turn and end up pressing buttons and closing stuff. It would be good if you held the screen it keeps things kind of locked in place. Don't know of you know what am talking g about .
Just feel you end up touching buttons that you don't want to touch way when you are using the front camera selfie mode where you can see yourself. It would be good if some sortnof void area that you can hold. Just saying lol. Fold is the way.
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Are you using a downloaded theme @berginator  ?

To give feedback about such things there is a dedicated thread here > The-suggestions-and-ideas-thread-for-software-based-features. 

And feedback can be sent via the Samsung Members App.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 



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