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Z Flip 4 Screen Damage/Crease detaching from phone/Black screen

(Topic created on: 12-05-2023 12:17 AM)
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I can't believe I'm in this situation. I bought a brand new Z Flip from Samsung in January  '23, and just two weeks ago, the center crease started making a weird cracking sound when I tried to open or close it. I didn't think much of it at the time, but when I woke up the next morning and tried to flip open my phone, I was horrified to see that it looked like black ink had run over the screen. On closer inspection, it became clear that the screen was coming off the phone from the crease in the middle. I immediately got in touch with Samsung repair and the phone was collected a few days ago.

But now, I've just received an email from Samsung that has left me feeling absolutely betrayed. According to their inspection, my device will not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty and they are asking for £349 to repair it when it cost over £1000 paid in full. This is disgraceful! I refuse to spend so much money on a phone that suddenly chooses to wake up worthless on a random morning leaving me stranded. And to add insult to injury, I've since found out that this is a common problem with the Z Flip - the phone screen comes detached at the crease!

I will not stand for this kind of treatment from Samsung. I'm absolutely appalled that a company of their size and reputation would treat their customers in this way. I will be taking this matter further and complaining to the ombudsman. Samsung needs to take responsibility for this issue and provide a fair and reasonable solution for its customers.




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Hello @SavageApe 

I'm sorry to read that you've had a bad experience with your phone.

The 2 year Limited Manufacturers Warranty applied by Samsung covers most issues but not accidental damage. 

Please be assured I'm not suggesting this is accidental damage.

When Samsung contacted you to advise what did they report as to what has caused this issue thus a cost ?

Also you can contact Samsung to refute what they have advised and ask for the situation to be re assessed.

You can also look at the Consumer-Rights-Act-2015 


If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "


Having not seen your post, i've just responded to another, but will repost it <as follows> given my experience is identical...


I think it might be time for consumers to take class action against samsung for this phone (?) ZFlips.

My current experience mirrors that of everyone on this thread, and I’m sure there are so many more people out there not speaking up.

I purchased my Samsung ZFlip from JB HiFi (Australia) at the end of April 2022.  It had just gone on sale having been superseded by the ZFlip 2however it still carried both full shop and Samsung warranty, on top of the standard Aust. consumer protection rights.  It was such a good deal the price was worth a go despite the consumer rumblings of issues.  I was hoping i'd get lucky and not experience any, but i was wrong.

2 weeks into my ownership, my phone suddenly started overheating with little use and close whatever app was running at the time, ie. google maps - whilst driving – annoying.  The phone would remain on but with a black screen, rendering the phone useless. 

Long story short and after much faffing around, my phone was fixed by an authorised Samsung repairer, and I went on my merry way.  

Literally 12 months to the day, my phone broke down again.  Last week I opened my phone to find a weird opaque-like crease in the fold exactly like that of this original poster -  Reynolds88.  There was no reason whatsoever to account for it. I treasured and babied my phone.  It was pristine. I never banged it, dropped it nor opened and closed it a million times a day. I'm 50+.  I'm not addicted to social media, etc., nor on it every 2 seconds. My daily uses are practical: Call. Text. Google. That's it. As such, I was completely perplexed.

I immediately went back to the store of purchase to enquire about repair/replacement and the problem had worsened. Green and pink vertical lines were now visible. To my horror, the bottom half of the screen blackened upon another close and open. My phone was dying fast.  The store was very helpful, giving me the option of having them follow it up or go direct with Samsung (like last time -  To my surprise the person did warn me that Samsung would look at it and probably say it was 'user damage' and charge me if repairable.  Unbelievable. 

I wasn't sure if my phone was fully backed up so i was advised to go home and do so, but it was of no use as I found opening the phone made the visuals deteriorate further.

It's been a week and i've not heard back from Samsung as yet so hopefully no news is good news. I just hope that Samsung does the right thing. However, I won't be holding my breath.

My key takeouts are this:

1) buy the phone from a dealer that has good customer service with faulty items.  (my store kindly gave me a loaner phone as i didn't have a spare - Samsung would not do this which was really inconvenient).

2) obtain phone insurance for really expensive phones - particularly ones like this that have issues.

3) don’t waste a moment and do a back up on your phone as soon as you see the crease/crack.  The screen will die, fast.  It’s just a matter of time.

4) share your gripes.  As already mentioned, if Samsung continue to dodge their responsibility, then a class action should be filed against them to make them accountable.

Now, some food for though…In Aust, we are protected by the Competition & Consumer Act (2010) (which superseded the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act 1974 for those of you who studied consumer law circa 2000 like me).  Warranties mean nothing if a product as a whole, is not of reasonable working order, does not do what it was meant to, and does not last a reasonable amount of time after purchase. Tech should reasonable last about 5 years.  Even if Samsung says that the phone was broken because of ‘user damage’, one must look at the structural integrity of the phone itself and question how it could so easily be damaged by users so early on in the phone’s life.  ? ? ?



i've read and responded to a few posts within the community including yours and have now created my own post calling for a worldwide class action lawsuit against Samsung by users of all versions of the Flip and Fold series who've experienced this problem.  

What are your thoughts? Although i am time-poor i will do a little digging as to how to go about this but i'd like to at least create the buzz so that the idea can gain momentum.  There are others that are interested so i hope you are too. 🙂

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I have been in contact with a television programme about the exact same thing.
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Just taken my Fip4 toUK repair centre for the exact same fault and they say yes, manufacturing fault covered by warranty but as I cannot show the original receipt it is nor covered by warranty. My phone shows in my Samsung as being registered and it says warranty till Oct 2024.
I have had to pay Samsung £349 to get it repaired. I will be complaining to Samsung UK and hope to get my £349 back.
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The same happened to my 5 month old Flip 4 2 days ago!! Black line across crease and cant use top bit. Don't even want to/ Can't straighten the phone out as I am sure it will rip the screen off - although that seems like a moot point now!

I bought the phone in Malaysia but reside in the UK.

Samsung UK (KX store) were insistent they could not fix it as my phone has different specs due to it being from a different region. I have to take it back to KL (??!?!!?!?). I find this absolutely ridiculous.

Any advice? Thank you.


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SORRY IF THIS ISNT ALLOWED but I don’t want anyone else to get screwed over!!
So I have a Samsung Z Flip4 phone which was brought outright for £999 from Tesco mobile this was just under 3 months ago. The screen went wrong & after two weeks of being sent back and forth between store and a contact centre they finally picked the phone up, they spoke to my partner and told him the LCD had gone in the screen and it’s going to cost £350 to fix it even though it had a years warranty it apparently that doesn’t cover it!!!! The phone was in perfect condition and not damaged at all. I was told to send it to Samsung as they said they would fix it so I spoke to someone at Samsung after they received my phone through the post upon inspection they said it was damaged and was going to cost £400 to fix!! There was definitely no damage when it left me. I was switching from i phone to Samsung for the first time!! It will definitely be the last. I’m going back to iPhone I have never had any issues with Apple!!!
Please I hope no one else makes the mistake of buying a Samsung especially from Tesco mobile they are rubbish and their customer service is disgusting!!

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I have the same issue with my Galaxy Fold 4 , purchased in January 2022. Black smudgy line has appeared down the centre screen. It no1 longer responds to finger touch only stylus.

Take them to fair trading,it's consumers affairs that's where I'm going as there's 1000s of complaints it's a manufactures problem with there hard ware and they will ask you what outcome do you want ,let them no,you want to be compensated for this hard ware fault with your phone download information from product review,and google this just happened to me and I'll be going for compensation for the stress and inconvenience this phone and what samsung have made you feel,you have a 12month warranty on this phone they have to honour it I don't have to wish you luck because you have all ready won it's a hardware fault