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Help broken fold 5

(Topic created on: 03-01-2024 10:24 AM)
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Hi all,my fold 5 of a few months has for some reason broke on inner screen, so i rarely use during the day just chilling in evenings when watching football highlights,anyway i notice like ink looking bleed on top middle where crease, i thought hmm ill keep an eye on that. Then closed and restarted phone. I went to open to watch more football and it went crazy, bright lines going through middle and grainy pixels on one side.i closed again then open to see 1 side fully not working and now gone green. So much for 200000 folds ive done like 400. So am i liable for cost or is this covered as defective? Also what do i need to do to get sorted please. Thank you
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Hi @VipaChilvo 

Personally I would have contacted Samsung as soon as I saw the " ink bleed " you described. 

I would suggest you let Samsung have the phone either by sending it to them which means you need to contact Samsung Support. 

Or if you have a Samsung Service Centre local enough use them.

The below links should hold the information you need.

In the UK in some regions Samsung also offer a doorstep repair service for eligible postcodes and phone's. 

In regards to a repair fee Samsung would need hands on to assess whether this is under the banner of the two year Manufacturing Warranty which would mean the repair is free, or whether this is classed as accidental damage which would mean a fee. 

Samsung would contact you before carrying out any repair if there is a fee so you can authorise the repairior ask for the phone back. 

If you do opt to send the phone to Samsung then i would recommend to take time and date photo's of the phone with one of it turned on to show it's aesthetic condition while it was in your possession. 

Also send it with a suitable lost in transit insurance and a signed for option. i.e Special Delivery.

The post office will advise the best option. 

You may want to check if your covered for a phone under any applicable Home Contents Insurance or some  Bank Accounts provide cover as a perk of the account if Samsung are going to charge for a repair which is out of your budget.

I wouldn't recommend a stand alone Highstreet repair store as they probably won't be equipped to deal with a Samsung Fold⁵ not to mention any work carried out would render your Manufacturing Warranty voided and they may introduce dust to the insides and lose any relevant ip rating etc. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎  

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Just to add, if you do chose to go ahead with a Pickup repair service @VipaChilvo, this can be arranged on the link included by @BandOfBrothers and a DPD courier will come to collect the phone, rather than delivery being arranged by yourself. 🙂