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Galaxy Z Fold 4

(Topic created on: 12-08-2022 09:19 PM)
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Everyone please think twice about spending money on the Z Fold 4, I purchased the original Galaxy Fold in 2019 and it was great, I purchased the Z Fold 3 in August 2021 direct from Samsung and less than a year down the line the screen has detached inside by the hinge, I spent almost an hour on the phone  to Samsung 3 days ago (3 different people in the Phillapines and 2 in the UK) to be told to send it off for repair (2-3 weeks turnaround) when i asked what i do for a phone in the meantime i was told to go to Tesco and buy a cheap one. In reality the replacement warranty on these phones is 14 days so think twice before spending upwards of  £1.5k of your hard earned cash on these products.

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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
It's unfortunate you have experienced this.
Sounds like the screen protector has got damaged and needs replacing.
Seems like quite a few have had this issue.
But there are many like me that have had our Z Fold 3 phones since launch, and a year later I'm still really happy with it.
I haven't had any issues with my screen and still has the original screen protector on it.
I'm getting the Z Fold 4 and can't wait.

Some are in areas where there's a mobile technician that can come to you.
Alternatively, Samsung should be able to give you an approved service centre.
Maybe you could be near a Samsung Experience Store.

You do have third party screen protectors like Whitestone Dome that do one,if you feel confident enough to do one yourself
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
The fold 4 is just a Fold 3+. But Samsung kept the angle so the crease is still bad.
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Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip



The factory fitted screen protector on my Fold³ internal screen delaminated so I removed it and used the phone without one instead.

I've had no detrimental negative effects from this.

I totally appreciate that's not an option everyone would want to undertake. 


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