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Fold3 Screen Protector

(Topic created on: 24-01-2022 11:56 PM)
Started to fail down the center. Took to the local shop for replacement 

1) this costs money even though its an essential part of the phone
2) even if they are in stock you have to book an appointment as they may be for appointments before you
3) they aren't confident they fit the same as the original
4) they could take 24hours to do it and may have to wipe your phone

I walked out. I have samsung care and at this point it's easier to just claim for a new phone and take the hit? Alternatively tempted to remove it myself and replace with a third party? Anybody got any advice/user experience?

Regret buying this phone and not confident in the slightest with the durability after leaving the shop. Cant see having to do this every 6 months or so being worth it ?
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Which version do you have.
If you have the Z Fold 3, then you should be covered by the Samsung Care and shouldn't cost you anything.
To be honest, even if it's an older Fold 2 or the original one. I'd go through a Samsung approved agent anyway. Too much to go wrong for someone that's not sure what they are doing.

Whitestone Dome do a screen protector as well, but that's something you have to install. Not sure how that would affect the Samsung Care.

My Z Fold 3 so far is spot on and don't have any issues. So you're probably unlucky with yours.
Sorry the above was at my local samsung experience store which is meant to be where to get it fitted
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Should still be covered under the Samsung Care I would have thought. Be strange if it didn't.
Personally I'd factory reset a phone before I handed it over for repairs.
Just backup all your stuff. Get the phone back and set it up from your backup
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I've seen a few threads from people experiencing issues with the factory fitted screen protector on their Fold 3.

Mine is fine ( touch wood 

Some experiencing the same customer journey your having when enquiring on having this replaced. 

It appears the phone is factory reset as part of any process when the phone is sent in. 

Why this would need to be carried out for a fitting of a plastic screen protector on the Fold 3 I'm not sure. 

If and when mine fails I plan just to carefully peel it off. 

I'll then decide to either use the phone then as is or I'll purchase either a glass option or film option from Whitestone Dome. 

There are other options available that are sold too. 

YouTube shows reviews and tutorials on how this is fitted. 

I totally understand and appreciate you want to go the route you are and respect this. The above is just my personal choice option. 

I wish you all the best. 


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