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Fold 4 went berserk for no reason

(Topic created on: 06-11-2023 07:53 AM)
Last Friday 3 of November, I realized I could not switch on my wifi after getting to school meanwhile, I've been using it before I left the house...
I went online I tried all the quick fix techniques like reset network settings, reset all settings, boot to safe mode, clear system cache etc
On Saturday I could not turn on my hotspot and camera again so any application making use of those would close automatically but phone calls was still good...
Sunday the access to my speaker and microphone got taken... like a cyber attack or an hack.. I had to contact samsung on Twitter"X", they requested for the time of purchase, I told them over a year ago, they requested for my purchase invoice which I gave them and they confirmed my imel number
With everything they do not know what's wrong I was told to go back to my country of purchase so they'll be able to check the device or go to a nearby samsung customer service center but I'll pay for the repair 

I was wondering, I didn't drop my phone. Fm-936N korean model only had 4 firmware update this year and my last successful update was August 2023.
Could it be the update?? Is there anyone facing this same issue??

Samsung Members Star ★★

Your phone has a limited 2 year Manufacturing Warranty @SRK-HD 

So as long as you haven't imported rhe phone a Samsung Service Centre can assess your phone for free. 

I appreciate you've already perforned a few troubleshooting steps.

I would also suggest to run the diagnostic tool found in your Samsung Members App. 

And as a last resort consider backing up and then a factory reset. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

No care plus+, I got a Korean version, so I was told the warranty registration is not for my region, and I've been to Samsung service to fix my hinge twice, which I paid for

That hinge was the same story I folded, and I tried to open,and it refused to open all the way.
The Samsung member will say I should switch on my wifi to start diagnosis. Same as Bluetooth, and even if I want to test my speaker, it will force close the members app

I reset the factory, and it didn't work. After restoring to factory settings, I couldn't interact with my inner display with my's only spen

Anyways, I've ordered s23 ultra, and I made certain it's the uk version.
I'll wait for the next fold 4 software update, If it didn't work, I'll trade it in for s24... I just don't like the trade-in offer of Samsung UK website
USA will give you the best offer old device trade in meanwhile we bought it more expensive over here