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Bluetooth Issues with Car kit after Update to Android 13

(Topic created on: 19-12-2022 11:02 AM)


Since the Android 13 update I can't use my Car Kit, when trying to dial from the car it's not able to dial on the phone and when I get an incoming call I can answer the call via the car kit but nothing is being sent to it.

Also, unpairing and pairing the device it works for 10 minutes and it stops working from there. This looks to me like an Android 13 glitch in Bluetooth permissions but I can't find a fix for it at the moment.

Troubleshooting steps I did: 

1. Switch to a NEW phone (Z Flip is the S21+ replacement, S21+ was having the same issues with A13);

2. Verified the Bluetooth app permissions, all permissions granted;

3. Cleared data / cache for the bluetooth app

4. Tried chatting with the Samsung support, they sent me to a service center for an issue that clearly is not hw related.

That's a problem with the car kit not android 13

Hi Andy, have you completely read my issue? the car kit works and gets connected to the phone, but the android system is not allowing it to make calls. how is this a car kit issue when this worked with Android 10, 11, 12.

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I too am having this issue, which had not been an issue prior to the update. I'm also having issues with other apps finding my contacts. It's very frustrating to not be able to use your phone as a phone while driving especially if one has an hour commute one way daily. 

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Did you get this sorted @Hartans ?

I am currently having a very similar issue - my zFold3 will connect to the android auto, but i can't always make or receive calls through the car as the call audio won't go through the car system sometimes.  I've not had the car long so I thougth it was an issue with the car but thats been cleared with the garage and the software updated so it must be the phone.

It won't connect via Bluetooth at all unless I've had it plugged in via a cable to Android Auto and even then it's not consistent - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't!

If it does connect via Bluetooth after its been plugged in, the Audio player won't connect - just the phone.  If I try and toggle this in the Bluetooth connections settings it won't let me change anything.

My problem is that it's not consistent so trying to find an intermittent fault is going to be almost impossible!


I've tried disconnecting the Bluetooth and forgetting the connectinon on both the car and the phone - then setting up again.

I've restarted my phone

Updated car software

Toggled the battery to unrestricted

Cleared the cache


I'm at a loss now as to what to do as I work from home and I regularly get calls in the car which makes me look really imcompetent if they can hear me but I can't hear them!  it's also dangerous as trying to figure this all whilst driving!


Please sort this Samsung! I'm seriously considering going back to Apple after many many years on Android 😞