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S9+ stuck at oreo

(Topic created on: 04-09-2019 04:10 AM)
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I have a S9+ from Sweden and I live in Colombia,and I have 2 issues with it.


The first one being that the device won't receive any update, so I'm stuck at oreo with a security patch from July 1st 2018.


And the the second one is that Netflix is not compatible with the device, the phone isn't rooted.

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Sometimes the issue with importing a phone from another country to be used online it's not really been released to be used in permanently is software updates.


These can be slow or in some cases almost non existent as the country of origins Samsung department releasing the updates and or if it was originally on a network and unlocked to all networks then that network usually wants to test firmware before allowing Samsung to roll it out.


My suggestion is to use Smartswitch to see if an update comes that way and or see if a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can help.


There are custom Rom available which can be checked out via xdadevelopers.


Disclaimer  _ but be careful as a phone can be left with stability issues or non working if this goes wrong. This is your own information decision if you wish to investigate further.

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Galaxy S9 Series

This can happen even if the phone's a global unlocked model? SM-965F?

And pushing the update manually would fix the Netflix issue?