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S9 Smart /T9 keyboard not working correctly

(Topic created on: 11-10-2020 08:19 PM)
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Galaxy S9 Series

I have an S9 SM-G960F running Android 10.

For many years I have used a T9 keyboard on all my phones since an S2. Now for some reason the 3x4 keyboard incorrectly adds words or suggests words I haven't typed and doesn't even give me the correct words in the suggestions list. For example, if I type (abc) key and then (tuv) key because I want the word AT, the word that appears is BUT. And AT doesn't even appear in the suggestion! This is also true when I want AM. The suggested word is COULD and AM is not in the suggested list. This is true of other words too. It is incredibly annoying


I have followed all the suggestions in another thread about a similar problem after the update to Android 10. None have worked. I have tried different English language versions (Australia, Canada etc) but it has made no difference. I am so fed up with this I would happily throw the phone away.


I was thinking of upgrading to an S20 but I won't do that if this same problem exists on that phone.

Galaxy S9 Series
abit outdated use stock keyboard for best performance