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Multiple Samsung Accounts on One Device

(Topic created on: 22-03-2021 09:51 AM)
First Poster

Hello everyone,

I've never particularly wanted to have or use a Samsung account with my phone as I tend to use Google for everything and that works just fine for me.

I did create one, however, for my business as I needed it to operate some remote devices with a Smart Things hub, so, I used the business email address and business name. Since then however, it's decided my phone is now called "My Business' Phone"  and I'm concerned about what data it might be syncing to that account and making available to anyone with access, since I have a business partner and I don't want to inadvertently allow access to things like messages and passwords etc. 

I've tried creating myself a Samsung account and added it thinking I would make it the primary account or something, but unless I'm missing something I can't see that I can do this. 

Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can manage accounts on my phone and how I can check what it is I'm sharing with this business Samsung account? Also, I'd like to change the name of my phone!!

Side note - when I say business Samsung account, it's just a regular Samsung account that I use for the business...