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S24 ultra android auto stuck on loading wirelessly no connection usb

(Topic created on: 17-06-2024 06:36 PM)
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Today after trying over and over and over to get android auto to connect to my wireless dongle or via USB cable.. I finally got it to connect.. I upgraded to s24 ultra from fold 4 and the screen would just show loading and stayed there on loading when trying to connect with my wireless adapter.. when trying with usb cable it wouldn't even recognize the phone was attached.. let's just say what worked vs everything I tried.. I pulled out as many usb a to c cables in my possession as I could find and finally got one that connected.. it literally initialized android auto SET UP on my car screen.. so I went through the screen set up process.. via usb.. finished the process.. ran waze.. ran google maps.. ran a couple of apps in general and then.. I .. gulp.. unplugged the usb cable from the car..

I then plugged in my usb dongle .. the loading screen came on... and android auto opened like normal.. it's now a week later and the wireless is running like it's supposed to.. 7-10 seconds or so on starting the car..

It seems it absolutely needs the right cable connection FIRST to get android initialized and set up BEFORE it will accept wireless off any kind.. and yeah.. about 10 cables or more I tried.. SMH.. my advice is to try as many cables as you can till it connects .. even usb c to a adapters on your c to c cables.. and fully perform the set up if your connection works with cable.. good luck