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Getting multiple notifications in a row for unseen e-mails

(Topic created on: 11-05-2024 07:52 AM)
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i know it seems to be an S24 unrelated app issue, but i'm quite sure it's not.

Mail app is "GMX Mail"

i keep getting notifications for old unread mails as soon as there is a new one.

Example: I get an email and get a notification but dont open my mail app.

After getting another email, i get a notification for this new mail and immediately afterwards another for the first still unread mail.

Third email - >3 notifications and so on.

Deleting the mails via another phone or PC results in a reset of the number of notifications i get. Other apps like Whatsapp or Signal dont giveme repeated notifications. So it must be the app signaling my phone that there are still unseen mails.

BUT: only on my S24 i get multiple notifications. I have the same app connected with the same mails on 2 other phones and they only notify me once per new mail. The mail app has no own Settings about notifications so i cant change anything there.


Any ideas how to turn this off? It's not this "repeat notification" option in the advanced settings of the S24. This is already turned off.

Thanks in advance

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If its only affecting one app it's totally nothing to do with S24, go to the Devs of the app