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Samsung S23+ won't go into recovery mode - Apps keep crashing

(Topic created on: 21-01-2024 03:17 PM)


My partner bought me a Samsung Galaxy S23+ off Music Magpie for Christmas. It was brought as 'pristine condition'.

Ever since I've had the phone I've had issues with it. On the outside its perfect, no scratches or defects at all but I think there's something very wrong with the operating system or something internally within the phone. 

When I first had it, it would restart randomly. Early hours of one morning I was awoken to the screen constantly lighting up turns out it was restarting over and over again, then another morning in the early hours the notification sound was constantly pinging and it was in a crashed state, I had to force turn it off.  

Apps will constantly crash and it trys to tell me to put them into a deep sleep. These have included Natwest,  TUI, Outlook, Google Services, Samsung Keyboard, Twitch....all kinds of apps honestly and to maybe get them to work I had to restart the phone.

Anyway I got so fed up of it constantly crashing, restarting every single night, apps not working I sent it back to Music Magpie for them to have a look. I sent them a load of screenshots and videos to show them what my phone was doing and they came back and said they couldn't find anything wrong with the phone.

So it's been sent back to me and this time I have set up the phone without using smart switch just in case that was causing an issue. I've added all apps manually and although its a lot better than it was, it does still go on a wobble, not as much as before, but it's still annoying. For instance yesterday I had to restart as the keyboard stopped working, today it said authenticator stopped working so I couldn't open outlook. 

So I thought I'd try clearing the data partition to see if that worked (this time!, I tried when I first had the phone and it did nothing). Anyway I've done as instructed by other community members, powered it down, connected it to my laptop and pressed the volume buttons and power button together but instead of the screen I had before coming up, this has instead. 

So my question is, why isn't the recovery screen coming up and what can I do? I am so annoyed with Music Magpie as they have literally been no help at all and I feel like I've got an expensive new phone which is faulty and not fit for purpose when apps don't work or the keyboard stops working. 

Any help/guidance appreciated. TIA

P.S. the phone has 12 month warranty so with Music Magpie bit as they couldn't replicate the problem when I sent it back they just said they couldn't do anything


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Take screenshots and print them off to send with the phone back to Magpie asking for a full refund. 

Include a detailed cover note. 

Have a look at > 

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra 512Gb ~ Titanium Black.

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I would second the suggestion to return the phone to magpie. It doesn't look like a genuine Samsung phone to me

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I had this problem with constantly crashing apps with my 7 months old phone,so I used Samsung help online, answered many questions and at the end of the survey they arranged a courier (because of COVID issues) to send my phone for checking and repair if necessary. It turned out that the problem was with motherboard. They replaced it and never had these problems again