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S23 Galaxy Ultra: please fix the Bluetooth bug

(Topic created on: 23-02-2023 02:01 PM)

This Bluetooth pairing issue drives me crazy. May I have a solution: Just reboot in safe mode and pair your Bluetooth device and then go back to normal mode.

I already had such issue on my S22 one year ago and after 1 or 2 months a Samsung phone update fixed it. Really really bad support from a brand like Samsung.

I have this issue on my brand new Galaxy S23 Ultra. I even replaced the device already one time. Whenever I try to pair Bluetooth devices, the pairing message on the phone does not come up. It seems that just the message it somehow blocked. My Bluetooth devices wait for the confirmation on the phone (smartwatch, my car) , but I can’t do so. And headsets etc. which usually do not need any confirmation, just do not connect. 

VERY STRANGE: in some rare cases, suddenly the pairing message pops-up. Sometimes after 20 trials to pair even more, most times never. Samsung: here is something really broken. I have the impression something in Samsung Apps or the SmartSwitch transfer from my Galaxy Note was faulty programmed by Samsung. 

This issue makes me crazy and I already spend hours for trial and error, searching the web and even contact the really bad Samsung service (they do not have a technical clue and cannot or are not willing to open a technical ticket).

Nothing worked:
1) Restart Phone
2) Toggle Bluetooth
3) Unpair all devices, pair again (if possible)
4) Factory Reset Network Settings
5) Wipe Cache Partition (Factory Menu)
6) Repair Apps (Factory Menu)
7) Even tried third party apps to pair Bluetooth devices

But the safe mode… did it 😊

One remarkable thing: In the web many posts and even Samsung recommend to delete the app data of the Bluetooth app. But on my S23 Ultra with latest Android 13 (22.Feb2023) this is not accessible: “delete data” is greyed out. May this would be the real solution. But not accessible on S23.

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I don't know of any Bluetooth bug that you speak of as I have zeros issues connecting to Bluetooth device

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Not having any problems, have you spoken to someone in support?
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I have picked up S23 Ultra today, and the Bluetooth is an issue when connecting to my cars bluetooth stereo.  The sliders for Calls and Contact sharing activate, but the audio slide just instantly deactivates when you try and activate it. Its not the car stereo, that works fine with my Oneplus and other phones I've had. Its strange, and Ive logged an issue report on the Members app, but it shouldn't be an issue on a£1249 device

I had an issue connecting my S22U to a sumup debit card reader already stored on phone. It would take 2, 3 or more attempts to connect. I solved it by selecting connect to a different device and put the reader in pairing mode and the phone connected to it and it has worked OK since? Baffles me how some weird things happen sometimes? Not sure if it's same issue but hope it helps

Nice to hear. But as you see in the web and here a lot of people have issues. That's why this forum and others exist. 

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Can someone help me please. I have s23 ultra and when using wats app in car when parked it disconnect automatically.
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I have the same problem. I tried unpairing, nothing. Clearing Bluetooth cache, nope. Reseting network setting, that wasn't any help. Factor reset, zilch. Took phone to get checked out, diagnostic was good. Called Sansung and they wanted me to send my phone for two weeks with no replacement, yeah no! 

So where do I go from here? I had the same issue with my S21 Ultra and about 6 months later it worked. But now, here I go again. Anyone have magic Pixie dust?

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I have removed same problems with my new S23+. Some devices pair easily. Others not so.

My Tesla Y was paired and keyed, after several attempts, but then lost the key connection after a week. Had to reset, etc to get Telsa reconnected. 

Connected my Samsung smat watch ok. Then after reseting my S23+ network, all Bluetooth connections lost, the watch refuses to pair.

Very spotty Bluetooth behavior. I may have to trade for another brand of phone...

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Facing same issues.

I noticed that bluetooth Audio connection gets lost after listining to whatsapp voice messages. Switching bluetooth on and off fixes the issue.

Using a s23 ultra with huawei freebuds 4.


Does anyone know if samsung is already working on a fix ?

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Within the last week my S23+ won't pair with my BT speaker at all. Connects for a second but no audio comes out. Then disconnects. Will sort of connect to the car but won't pass song info. was working last week.

All of these devices connect with my old pixel 2 without issue.

My phone was updated on 3 March. Exactly when my issues started.