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Random Notification Single Beep but NO notification

(Topic created on: 08-03-2024 11:41 AM)

Although I have a Samsung Galaxy 23 running Android 14 my extensive research on the web has highlighted the fact that this seems to be an ANDROID or SAMSUNG problem which affects many different phones and which does not yet seem to be resolved. It is driving me INSANE!!!!!

Also, before anyone gives me any alleged solution previously given please read the following.

The issue is that at random times throughout the day and night my phone emits one single very loud monotone beep which is approximately 1-2 seconds in duration. 

When I look in the notification area , there is no new notification. 

There are no unread existing notifications in the notification area. 

Notification reminder is not enabled on my phone. 

Emergency Wireless Alerts are not enabled on my phone. 

The ghost notification beep is emitted in the countryside when out walking as well as in the streets and at home so it cannot be the NFC.

The tone (Sound) does not appear to exist on my phone either in the system notification sounds folder or in my own sounds folder.

I have scrolled through EVERY SINGLE app on my phone and deleted the app cache

Only in the last hour I have immediately deleted any notifications that arrived on my phone to ensure the notification area on my phone was empty for when this annoying beep occurred again, as it did, and I immediately checked the notification area and there was nothing there, nor was there anything in the Notification History.

I have switched my phone off and switched it back on again.

I have been on the Zedge website, searched for SINGLE MONOTONE BEEP and listened to as many so called BEEP sounds as I can to try and identify the sound that is being emitted from my phone in the hope that it might help me identify which app on my phone, if any, is emitting the sound.  This has been unsuccessful because Zedge search does not seem to know what is meant by SINGLE nor MONOTONE nor BEEP.

I am close to smashing this very expensive but annoying piece of S*&!t into a million pieces with a heavy hammer and going over to the dark side that is Apple unless I can sort this issue.

I never know when the beep is going to sound so , even if I knew how, I could not record the sound in order to identify the name or source of the sound or post it to any website to try and identify it that way.

Having read the above, can anyone suggest anything that I have not as yet tried above?  I think the answer may lie in identifying the the annoying beep which may lead me to the offending app so can anyone suggest how I might find this unidentified sound on my phone because the folder in which it resides and is hidden may identify the offending app. 

Thanks for your patience reading this long message.


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Do you use Skype? Only reason is I had this same scenario years ago and it turned out to be Skype. Apologies if not the cause. If you were in close proximity to another device that you use Link to Windows with, then I've found this also causes a notification sound at random times when it's reconnecting. The fact that this happens when you're out walking would suggest not ( unless you do actually carry 2 devices with you). I'm wondering if it maybe something to do with your network when trying to connect to different masts or maybe a voicemail alert that's not showing any notification icons. I'm stabbing in the dark now, so hopefully someone else has an idea. Good luck.
Thanks for your response. I don't use Skype nor link to Windows but your network idea is something I never thought of but will look into although both my wife and daughter have galaxy 10 and 21 on the same Lebara network but they are not having the same issue.

You are correct I'm sure that it is an app specific problem and an app I have that neither my wife nor daughter have. Thanks again

@Mateix: To check if the sound is originating from a 3rd party app on your phone, I recommend restarting the device in Safe mode. This will disable all downloaded apps, leaving only the stock apps/features running. 

To enter Safe mode, press and hold the Power button until the 'Power off' prompt appears on the screen then release > Touch and hold Power off until the 'Safe mode' prompt appears then release > To confirm, tap Safe mode.

With Safe mode active, monitor the performance of the device for a few hours, based on the frequency that you encounter the issue. If you find that the sound no longer occurs, then please restart your Galaxy S23 as you would normally and uninstall any apps that you have added to the device since you first encountered the issue. It won't be possible to determine exactly which app is at fault, therefore I recommend approaching this via a process of elimination. 

I'm not sure if this would work but you could go to the galaxy store download Good lock labs and from there download "nice catch" this monitors several things on your phone and keeps a history of them. Hope this help. 😊
Sadly you NEED to go throug every single app notification settings and check them all including system
Then check in Notifications History
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@Mateix - I am so glad to have found your thread as it's recent and very much sounds like the problem I've been having too. I made a similar thread and have a recording of the sound - does it sound like the same weird noise your phone made?

I noticed your thread was made in March, have you found a solution yet?

Likewise I've also disabled a bunch of things, and have done almost all of the steps you've listed too... even did the whole Safe Mode + clear cache partition thing as well (and the sound even happened as I was clearing the cache and in safe mode!). I just have not done a factory reset because I have no spare phone for the time being.

Hope to hear if you've found a solution!

(edit) I am also using a Galaxy S23+, in fact I just bought it last month (26/3/2024) so you can also imagine my frustration that this is happening with a brand new phone :')