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Modes and Routines - a minor issue with a Routine

(Topic created on: 07-04-2023 02:05 PM)
Helping Hand

I've had this particular issue since I recently started using Modes and Routines.

I created a simple Routine that I named, Dark screen in bed.   I created this so I don't wake up my wife if I look at the screen while she's sleeping.  

My issue - if I were to play a YouTube video, for example, there's still sound and I have to manually press the volume down button.

What am I not understanding? ... or is this an issue to be corrected in the future?

My settings - 

If: I set the time period from 01:20 - 08:00
Then: Brightness is 6%
Then: Sound mode and volume
            Sound mode: Mute
            Ringtone: 0%
            Notifications: 0%
            System: 0%
When routine ends / reverse these actions
            Sound mode and volume


EDIT - Ignore my post.  I took another look at the options under Then and saw  Media volume.  I don't know how that escaped me.  My apologies as I couldn't delete the original post in its entirety.  


Watch4 Classic
Galaxy S23 Ultra / 512 GB / Microsoft Launcher / Samsung Silicone case

Glad that you found it, @davehorne! And no worries! We all miss stuff occasionally, so I'm also glad that you shared your experience here as it might help others too.