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Is there any chance to get Ultra HDR / HDR+ / HDR10+ support in Galaxy S23 Ultra for taking photos in future?

(Topic created on: 14-11-2023 02:21 PM)
Ihor Lev
First Poster

I have my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and that's an excellent phone.

But just wondering about a new feature that Android 14 brought - Ultra HDR. Is there any chance we can get it?

Samsung takes great videos in HDR10+ mode, and I'm able to view them via default Gallery in HDR (ultra-bright) mode (e.g. when the display turns super bright on light scenes so I just enjoy how beautiful it is)

But talking about photos (I have enabled Auto HDR in Camera RAW settings and in the Camera Assistant app), I don't see any HDR-like view through the gallery. But AFAIK, the S23 Ultra supports numerous HDR standards (HLG, HDR10, HDR10+).

If the device is able to capture the 4k 60fps videos, are there any challenges for photos? :smiling-face:

Is there any chance we can get it in the future? I just love how it is done on Pixel 8 Pro, on any iPhone {13,14,15} Pro.

Black Belt 
From what I can see, it seems to be a purely software based feature, so it's a good possibility it could be implemented in the future, however don't hold me to this.

I was looking for the same and found this topic and wanted to add that HEIC still pictures from S23 Ultra does a good job on reducing file size (vs JPG) but still only registers 8bit/channel so it's the same color depth as a JPEG 😞 since it can capture 4K video in 10bit HDR why doesn't it store more than 8bit in HEIC stills image file format like the iPhones do?