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Cant test Phone receiver

(Topic created on: 27-11-2023 07:07 AM)
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I've got a new S23 Ultra and i had issues making and receiving calls,they couldn't hear me all the time and vice versa.
I did everything possible to rectify this issue
Pulling sim 
Fully reset phone
A replacement sim
Still didn't work so i tried the sim in another phone and called a couple of numbers i had issues calling on the s23.
Anyway they could hear me clearly and vice versa,so i straight away put the new sim back in the s23 and it didnt work.
So i narrowed it down to the phone being at fault so i rang samsung.
They told me to perform a receiver test from the phone dialler *#0283#
It wouldn't work and the dialler went blank again.
They said its faulty so i got a replacement. 
I've set everything up and the first thing i wanted to try was to do a receiver test.
I managed to type it in without the dialler going blank and i was planning on testing it at work the next day as i needed my wireless buds to do the test. 
I finished setting up the phone after installing the latest software update and went back to the dialler to see if the receiver test would work or not which it didnt.
So is there an issue with the latest software update that would cause me not to perform a receiver test and again,possibly me start having issues again making and receiving calls?
Software recent update was
One UI Version 6.0
I will be trying to call some numbers today to see if i have issues again.
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That code doesn't work on my device, with ui6 on, either. i doubt you'll have issues with receiving calls