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Why are Samsung Super Fast Charging Bricks so flawed?

(Topic created on: 26-07-2023 03:43 AM)
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I've been a fan of Samsung for many, many years now but I am less enamoured with them now that I have ever been. I've had a number of their Super Fast Charging bricks fail on my (after the 6 month period of the warranty) for no reason, now they are just bricks that do nothing.

Their Customer Service is a joke, when I bought my S22 Ultra one of the bonus gifts was a cover for it ... it never arrived and, despite contacting Samsung about it multiple times over many months, they chose to do nothing about it. Bad form Samsung when I just spent thousands on new gear.

If I didn't hate Apple products so much I'd be tempted to go over to them. Maybe the new Huawai offshoot company is the way to go ... apparently their Fold phone is better that Samsung's.

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I have never ever had a charging brick fail, I have had every Samsung phone since s2 and have two Superfast charging bricks for my S23Ultra

Don't know what your doing to them but maybe it isn't the charging bricks

Samsung are seriously going downhill over the past two years, Huawei have amazing phones only downside is no google.
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Hi @Lesshappy 

Technology can and will fail unfortunately.

I purchased the Samsung 45w charging plug and cable quite a while ago and it's still working as it should.

It does sound like you've been unfortunate to receive a faulty product.

In regards to the phone case then obviously Samsung should have fulfilled the order placed unless the case went out of stock , was a limited offer and carried the while stocks last caveat, or the case was discontinued. 

I can appreciate this has left a bad taste and rocked your confidence in Samsung and as such looking to try out another manufacturer. 

The grass isn't always greener on the other side is all I'll say.

I wish you all the best with your next choice of technology. 

Take care.

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