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S22 Video Editor leaving large unedited file on phone filling up space

(Topic created on: 02-10-2023 11:24 PM)

This could be filling up your phone without you knowing.
Try this:

Screen Record for 10 seconds from your phone (try a You Tube video .. doesn't have to be full screen).
The file size will be about 20MB,

Open it and select the default "Video Player" app (Purple icon with white triangular button).
If you didn't see that and it opens in another app, reset that so that you get the choice (not explained in this post).
Pause the video a few second in, and hit the three dots, top right and chose 'Editor'.
Video will open in the Editor.

Do some edits:
- Severely Crop the video smaller
- Trim it to 2seconds
Then press Save top right.
Check the video size in "My Files" in the "DCIM>Screen recordings" folder.
It will now be say 2MB is size . . . as expected, smaller.

Reopen the edited file in Editor, and now press 'Revert' in the top right and then press "Revert" and then "Save".
Re-look at the file size in "My Files", and you will see it has reverted back to its original file and size.

Where is the original video being stored when you do the editing?
Clearly on the device still, otherwise you wouldn't be able to "revert".

If you MOVE the smaller edited file off the phone and move it to a PC,
the PC sees a small file. The truly edited version.
The PC knows NOTHING about the original larger file on the phone or the editing on the phone that took place.

What happens if you removed the file from the phone to a PC, rename the file and put the file back on the DEVICE (phone)?
You would expect that the phone would see it as a fresh new small file.
But no, when you go to the "Editor" again, even though it now has a new filename,
it somehow allows the 'Revert' option again, which means the original, larger, unedited file was on your phone but hidden.

Even if you make copies of this smaller edited file either on the computer or on the phone,
EACH copy, once back on the phone and into edit mode KNOWS that the full unedited version exists as the revert option is available and works.
It doesn't even matter if you move the files back into another folder on the phone.
It somehow knows that full hidden file is somewhere on the phone.

If you had a 1000 large files that were edited to very small files, and each one only SAVED (not "Save as copy")
and then you move the small edited files off the phone to a PC,
the large unedited files are on the phone somewhere taking up space. . .this can't be right

Lloyd Ramey4
First Poster

Yeah I'm about to try the app also. I use a Gopro to record pitstop videos. My Other storage is up to 110GB now... I edit alot of videos for tiktok. Always wondered why my space was so full. Didn't know it's essentially makes 2 copies of every video your ever  edit. Wish you could turn that off. I don't need to revert because alot of my videos are dead time just waiting on a pitstop. Maybe if I use another editing app instead it won't save the full original.


i lost 7 gb of space because of this bs. i want a solution and i want it asap

First Poster

HOLY *****!!! This is RIDICULOUS!! If it weren't for this thread I wouldn't have had a way to get this stuff off my phone. I had to use that Media File Guardian app to get the original files off my phone, which took up an additional 50 GIGS OF SYSTEM DATA STORAGE!!! I agree, this should be an issue that Samsung resolves. There is no reason I should have had to use a third party APK to remove these junk files from my phone. 

First Poster

Fck this bs. Sh*t took 50GBs off of my storage just because I trimmed down a fckin' video. Samsung needs to fix this problem. This ain't a feature or something this is a headache-causing bs.