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S22 Ultra performance so far

(Topic created on: 24-04-2022 12:32 PM)
I bought the phone at the start of March during the release date window to get the buds+ promotion. I came to this phone from the s10+, so naturally, I have been expecting quite a bit jump across the board in terms of speed, responsiveness, battery life camera etc. 

After almost 2 months of use, what has become clear as day is that everything about this device heavily depends on the software update you are on. On the release software, had a couple of issues, device was quite slow but that was to be expected and battery was awful, my s10+ did the same. However, where my s10+ fixed its battery in the span of the first 1-2 weeks of usage and was comfortably a 2 day phone for me, the s22 ultra did not. I take care of my battery and only charge it to 60%, and while the s10+ would get me through the whole day and have 10-20% left when i come home, the s22 ultra does not make it in any way. If anything, the s22 ultra battery life for me resembles my s10+ battery life after 3 years, right before the switch, after the battery had degraded considerably. 

The second update improved things greatly, device finally felt more like it should (after the whole game optimising service fiasco) and although the battery was still not what i hoped for, it did improve a bit. Still not quite there overall, but definitely an improvement all around.

3rd update just completely reverted the device back to release status, extremely stuttery, dropping frames left and right and after the 4th update, not much has changed. 

I am therefore curious how everyone else's experience is, particularly to battery life, because I intend to escalate my ticket and get some sort of answers. In my opinion, it is quite unacceptable for a phone this expensive to stutter, drop frames and have poor battery, especially since the s21 ultra had none of those issues or at the very least, not nearly in the same manner. 
S22 needs a big fix, release fix software update with reported issues
It's not just the battery that needs work. Your stuttering issue may be caused by the data problems. People are reporting data speed issues on WiFi and cellular. I can have ful 4G+ signal and the phone behaves as if I have limited data signal or bandwidth, where my S10+ in the same locations with the same signal and provider was broadband fast. S22 Ultra 1Tb sometimes downloads pictures in horozontal bands as if I was on 1990s dial up. Still has issues on WiFi too.