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S22 Ultra bluetooth range reduced after last OTA update

(Topic created on: 18-05-2023 03:19 AM)
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Hi guys. Having a slight issue here. I did a UI 5.1 OTA update on my S22 Ultra a couple weeks back, and ever since my bluetooth range has significantly reduced. I used to be able to set my phone up on the tripod out in the back yard (for astrophotography purposes) and come back inside and still have my music playing through 3 walls and up near the front of the house (around 45ft) with no issues. I could even leave my phone inside while walking all the way out to the road to put the bin out with no issues. However, since the OTA update, I can't even go into the next room without my headset and Samsung watch disconnecting.


Is anyone else having this issue? Any tips on how to fix it?




There is a whole thread about this since November 2022 ( ) with a lot of views and replies but no solution. Probably your issue is the same and it has not much to do with range, Bluetooth is just connecting and reconnecting on a continuous basis. Happens even to me when my phone is right next to the Bluetooth receiver of my car.