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S22 fingerprint sleep issue

(Topic created on: 04-09-2022 07:26 PM)
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Hey! I've gotten my hands on an S22 lately and am currently pretty much in love with this phone.

However, I've made out a tiny but ever so annoying issue with the fingerprint scanner that I really hope is solvable.

Before explaining the issue though, I just want to say that: the screen is on "always on", the fingerprint scanner is on "always active" and "unlock with fingerprint" as well as "high sensitivity" are both active.

Now, to the issue; I have noticed that, when turning off the screen and letting the phone sit around for a few minutes, the fingerprint sensor doesn't react to quick or light presses at all. It instead requires either a more forceful or a prolonged press to unlock, frequently stating that the press has not been long enough.

If, however, I try to unlock the phone with my fingerprint right (or a couple seconds) after closing it, even the lightest of presses will unlock it. The sensitivity is in no way comparable to the sensitivity when the screen has been off for a while.

I do know that this is intended to be a battery saving feature and can be turned off in older Samsung devices, but I haven't been able to find a way to turn it off on my S22. The only notable thing I have tried is going into Apps>Sort by>"Show system applications" and enable unlimited battery usage for ""

The issue really isn't all that tragic, but it does make me sigh quite a few times

Any solutions or ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Do you have some screen protector on? 

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Totally understand and appreciate what's happening with your phone @Leagra 

My set up is the same as yours and on occasion when pressing where the scanner section is my phone does not always respond unless I tap there again or hold longer and harder.

I've set up both thumbs and find my left thumb registers better than my right thumb ! Must be my fingerprint itself.

So it's more responsive when I use my left thumb.

Perhaps try that yourself i.e register another print or the same one a couple of times.

It is possibly software related that Samsung will look at in future updates.

I agree it's not a deal breaker.

To be honest I prefer double tapping the screen and the face recognition unlocks my phone extremely fast.

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