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Issue since first August update

(Topic created on: 07-09-2023 11:14 PM)
My S22 Ultra has a weird problem since the first August update and it has got better, but is still a problem with the second patch. Performance tanks throughout the day to the point where I need to manually run device care and then restart the device.

If I have an app open, then the phone times out or I put it to sleep bringing the phone out of sleep and using my fingerprint to unlock brings the phone back to life - 85% of the time the app that was open is frozen, clicking the 3 bars to see all open apps brings up two versions of the same app, then one rapidly closes and functionality is restored.

Anyone having similar? I am running a s22 ultra exynos from launch. I really do not want to send this in for repair but it is not a cheap device and it is running like garbage. I have cleared the phone cache and run various malware and virus checkers to make sure I haven't installed something stupid by mistake.

Please help!
I have the exact same problem. apparently a software update error.