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s22 camera functions are not working

(Topic created on: 23-06-2022 01:49 PM)

Recently upgraded from an S20 to an s22 and I've gotta say I miss my old phone.  I'm having multiple issues with the camera. In selfie mode, regardless of whether the timer is turned off, the camera just randomly decides to snap my face like it's a timer shot, it even does this in video in selfie mode. On this issue of recording videos I go to hit record and the timer never starts. unfortunately missed some important things because of this. the phone needs to be restarted to stop this. Tonight I encountered a new issue in which I recorded a video but when I went into the gallery the video was frozen with the audio playing, once again had to power off and on to stop this issue. So my question is why did I upgrade? I know other people are having the same issues because the boards are littered with similar issues. clearing the cache and just waiting for the problem to come back is not a solution. I booted up my old s20 and there are none of these issues (aside from the smashed screen) so what's the go? I don't want a possessed camera that picks when it wants to record, snaps my ugly mug in selfie mode whenever it sees my face and doesn't play videos properly. What's the go?

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If you had done a smartswitch transfer.
I would highly recommend backing up in cloud only photos and maybe contacts and message and Reset the phone.

Then get stuff from the cloud back and install all apps manually again.

Alternatively you could do a wipe cache and repair apps if you don't want the hassle from above .

I most certainly did, goan. I'll back everything up to my pc and perform the dreaded FR.