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S21 Camera & how to take decent pics & video

(Topic created on: 29-11-2023 08:16 AM)
Drives me crazy this. I go to a lot of gigs and I like to take pictures and videos but I swear hardly any of them come out decent. 

Zooming in on videos is just a blurry mess and that's with the phone completely steady and the band standing still. Pics are the same. It just never gets the right focus. I actually find that the focus on normal pictures it's terrible in general. 

I don't wanna have to messing with pro camera settings that I don't unfortunately. I'm not looking for pro quality, I just want a clear picture/video.

Help please, I feel like I'm missing something obvious. 

I'm using the S21 ultra and have the issues with the camera, it's been a real disappointment. I called Samsung tech and a few weeks ago regarding the issue, was told to do a factory reset and don't install apps or sign into any accounts and then try out camera out to see if there was any improvements to the picture quality. I didn't bother with it as I couldn't be arsed to backup everything and the rest of the process. Other than that I've tried more or less everything, wiping cache, reset settings, install this and that app, pro mode etc. I believe its a hardware or firmware issue that's causing the bad quality pictures. Its a shame my Galaxy note 8 died on me because that took better pictures than the S21 ultra.
Yeah exactly! My son has my S9 and the camera is great on it.

Not being able to zoom and keep things in focus is such a fundamental action of a camera. This alone is making me so mad. I've had Galaxy's for years, I'm due to renew in May but I don't think I'll be staying with Samsung.

Oh, I done the factory reset a few weeks ago and the camera still had the issues!