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My USA Samsung galaxy s22 ultra usually has poor network speed

(Topic created on: 21-10-2022 05:31 PM)
Arturs Soms


I have an SM-S908U1 smartphone in Europe. 

Usually, at home, I have 1mbps speed on my s22, when I switch the sim card to my old s20 plus speed is around 5-6mpbs.  If I go to another place, there is better internet speed but usually, the s20 plus network is much better. I have downloaded "Network cell info lite" app and noticed that my s22 ultra never changes from LTE to LTE+. If I check my network speed on s20 plus, this phone often uses LTE+. 

Both phones use the same bend and have a signal strength of around -100 rsrp, dBm.

I have also noticed that my s22 has only one serving cell and two neighbor cells. My s20 plus has around 8 serving cells.

I tried to fix the poor network this way:

- factory reset

- network reset

- sim card change

- changed to esim


I asked the service center and they said this is not a hardware problem. 

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I'm in the UK and usually get 4G+ which is Lte but shows as 4G here @Arturs Soms 

See my screenshot >

Screenshot_20221022-184918_Samsung Internet.jpg

A mast engineer once advised "Phones do not latch onto the strongest signal.They follow the network assigned procedure, hence why it's not uncommon to be connected to a weaker signal than is strictly available "

It can be usual for one phone to sometimes out perform another at times.

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Arturs Soms

This is not my case, all of my family has a stable mobile network around 6mbps, but not me, I have only 1mbps or less. There should not be a such big difference, my mobile phone is not usable at all. I feel all of my web pages open very slowly. 😞 I'm taking my old mobile phone and using it like a mobile hotspot when I need internet. There are one or two spots in my town where both of my phones work very well. I have never had such an issue before. 

for what its Worth, I think its down to the exynos modem, mine Was So poor I traded it in for a pixel 7, which I am annoyed about, as all of my other devices, tablets, and Laptops, are samsung.
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<span;>Wow! I'm glad I found someone else having the same exact issue I have. I purchased an SM-S908U1 on eBay US and it turned out to be a total waste of my hard earned money. I have never gotten more than 1mbps on this God-forsaken phone, especially when I'm indoors, even network for voice calls is not stable. I ended up using the phone as a wifi phablet, I will switch on the Hotspot on my old Samsung Galaxy A6+ and connect my SM-S908U1 to it before I can browse. I will appreciate it if anyone can share a solution. Thanks.