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Is there any place where you cab contact developer?

(Topic created on: 18-07-2022 04:17 AM)

I found a bug. Nothing extremely serious, but still a very annoying, as well as unnecessary and easy to fix bug.

Is there any way to tell the developers directly? A developer forum where errors are really addressed and then disappear with a patch? The error has existed since release, but there is no solution available in the last patch either. A correction would probably require no more than a line or two of code.

I use the S22 Ultra, which, with the integrated pen, is practically the successor to the Note, i.e. unofficially the Note 22. One of the core features is the integrated pen and the extremely practical option of quickly taking notes anywhere. Including uncomplicated in the offscreen. For this function you basically only need the pen and possibly also the button on the side with which you can switch off the screen.

{offscreen note} pseudo code
User - opening LED Cover > Note < activate Display
user - input {Side Button} > Note < activate offscreen
user - removing Pen > Note > Offscreen Note < offscreen Display


And even then, some people will probably notice the problem. I've tried to get the relationships right, but I'm not a software developer and I don't know how to get that right in text.

But now a call comes and suddenly it doesn't work anymore

pseudocode note with incoming call:
User - [incoming call] - input {full up} > Note < taking call
User - opening Case > Note < activate Display
user - input {Side Button} > Note < ending call !!!!!!

The same button that deactivates the display is suddenly also responsible for ending calls. Which is incredibly annoying and also prone to failure, because you have to think about it and often doesn't happen in the rush. You already have a similar problem with the headset, where there are also 2 functions {ending call, offscreen} on the same button. And I'm just amazed that no one in development or in quality management noticed it. But I am even more surprised that this error has not been corrected even after 6 months.

The solution would be totally simple, in which the buttons are assigned in such a way that they work in all use cases. But you can't even map the buttons, so it makes sense. You can only disable the calls function, which means that you can no longer accept calls without opening the Led Cover.

Where do you write to the developers?

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You send feedback via your Samsung Members App under the GetHelp section.

I've sent feedback this way myself.

The Team here can also send members feedback from your post you've made @SpychoBob 

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