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i wanted to love the s22 ultra but i am sending it back

(Topic created on: 25-03-2022 09:33 AM)

first i want to say that the s22 ultra is gorgeous it didn't follow the trend of huge camera bumps it's classy and completely symmetrical, no new phone today can compete with that

second off the display is gorgeous the colors are vibrant and theres zero yellow tint like past galaxy devices, the brightness is finally as bright as i want it

i think i get 6 hours of sot at my usage max brightness and i think thats ok

themepark is so amazing that i managed to get rid of everything oneui and just have a perfectly clean glass ui, clean aod everything just so beautiful, no android version gets close to that kind of customization i got it perfect for me

thats where the pros ended

this phone lags a lot, if i videochat and game at the same time i get near  15 fps playing mariokart, the ui lags back and forth and feels overall sluggish

camera quality is terrible it's noisy and just overall bad even in nightmode even my huawei mate 10 pro can do a better job, and the fold 2 didn't have these issues

the phone tends to switch it's color temperature back and forth samsung promised they'd investigate but never got back to me and yes i have blue light filter off, samsungs advise was to turn on blue light filter at the lowest setting to keep it consistent, it would be slightly warm but consistent that to me is unacceptable


i am going to miss this phone but the issues are unacceptable for that kind of cost and at that point a fold is slightly more expensive and gives so much more, but i really wanted to love this phone because of how gorgeous it is i fell in love with this design.

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It's a shame you sending your phone back and I wish you all the Best with your next choice @zzcool 

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Send it back for a refund and research on google the number of issues thr s22 have... its horrendous that samsung came up with this phone as a flagship.

i just dropped it off, it's a shame really as i really adore the things that it did well

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Im waiting for April FW update, if there will be no GPS Fix - i switch to something else. I need GPS every day. Its not a flasgship quality level.