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Blacklisting?! Secondhand SIM free

(Topic created on: 04-01-2023 09:15 PM)
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#blacklisting, can anyone help?

I brought a secondhand s22 ultra from online but the person can not provide proof of full payment. So possibly on finance. It's unlocked and said it was a gift. I haven't unopened the box yet but I want to know if anyone knows if someone doesn't pay for a SIM free handset in full does it eventually get blacklisted by Samsung. I'm worried that I'll be stuck with a unusable handset. Stupid mistake to make but the person is now being difficult about sending it back. 

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If the phone hasn't been paid in full, Samsung will lock the phone

Some do that trade in scam to get the phone and then don't send phone in, again Samsung will lock the phone

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This is the problem with buying from Unknown Sources
Phones can be imported as well.
Some do after a certain period report the phone stolen to get insurance money, if its a carrier supplied device. It would likely get blocked and you'd have really no chance to get it back into use.
Depending on where you purchased the device, sometimes sites can offer some resolution.
It's a chance you take I'm afraid
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Hi @Gyork 

Buying phones this way can certainly be tempting due to the price they can be sold at when compared to full retail price.

Yes phone's can be locked if the original owner goes the insurance scam route or if purchased from Samsung they don't follow any relevant procedures.

If the phone is imei blacklisted then unfortunately you can't have it lifted.

Alas only the original owner can request this.

All that said on balance many phone's are purchased from.People who have upgraded and don't want the phone but wish to make some money by selling it.

Let's hope you've purchased from a person with integrity and you can go on to enjoy your phone without issues.

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99% of the time you will be ok unless its reported stolen, even On finance.