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All new pictures on my S22 Ultra disappear from my gallery, and the cloud.

(Topic created on: 10-11-2023 08:16 PM)
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Starting just a couple days ago, every new picture I take completely disappears appoximately one minute after taking it.  It is just suddenly gone from the gallery, from the actual camera app and from the google cloud.  I DO find them in my Microsoft Onedrive.  I have no idea how to restore them to the phone tho.   

I have tried clearing the cache, and noticed that there are two apps labeled "gallery".  A web search says one might be a widget and the other the app.  I don't really understand what that means.  I have checked the trash within my gallery as well.

This may not be related, but I tried to share a picture quickly before it disappeared, and got a message that it "may contain sensitive information".  (It was a pic of my dog under a blanket, so definitely not sensitive.)  As soon as the picture disappeared in my phone,  the shared image (in the Discord ap) changed to an image of a poop emoji, but if I tap on the picture within that app, I can still view it.  I can not find it anywhere on my phone or in the cloud.