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A question about S23 coming from a S22 Plus

(Topic created on: 06-02-2023 09:57 AM)

Hi I have a question regarding the new line up of phones. I am considering buying a S23 Plus in the next few weeks but I need some questions answered.

First thing is first, is the adaptive refresh rate still bugged on this new line up? On my wifes S22 Ultra and my plus the adaptive refresh rate causes lagging and stuttering whilst using the phone as the refresh rate tries to adjust itself. It interferes with media apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, making streaming choppy and not the way it was on previous non-adaptive refresh screens. The only way I got round the issue was by modding the phone to use 120hz all the time and the experience has gone from horrible to perfect. Streaming apps no longer stutter, the phone functions as smooth as butter and the battery hit is so negligible I still get between 6-7 hours of screen on time as before with adaptive refresh rate.

Will the S23 line up have improved adaptive refresh rate tech? Has this been improved?? Also, just a suggestion to Samsung and I hope you take this on board, please introduce a 'Max Refresh Rate' setting on your phone in order to give us consumers a third choice so we don't have to put with your buggy adaptive refresh rate. Warn about the battery but please introduce this to all phones so people don't have to use third party mods in order to enable this. It will no doubt make a huge difference to people who cannot put  up with the constant choppiness! 

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Hello @nalfylatino 

On balance I've not had any issues with the adaptive refresh rate on my UK Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra although scrolling via the twitter app stutters so sometimes I access my Twitter via my Url.

I've not had issues with Netflix etc but I appreciate and understand you are.

As no-one yet has the Samsung Galaxy s ²³ series of phones until approximately from the 7th of February 2023 apart from some creators on YouTube and on Tech Sites replies direct to your question maybe slow at this time.

I've watched quite a few YouTube reviews of the Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra and they look fine from what I can see although the models they have to use have been sent by Samsung to the chosen few to try out but cannot fully review them.

I believe I've seen various ways on how to force the higher refresh rate on other forums however I've not felt the need to go down that path personally.

I'm watching what goes on with the s²³ Ultra as I'm interested in buying one so topics like yours obviously are important and help towards the buying process in pulling the trigger.

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I have managed to pre-order the S23 Plus 512GB version and will be interested to see for myself if there are any improvements to what I mentioned. My wife is interested in the S23 Ultra like you are as well but she wants to wait until I get my S23 Plus to get a feel of the phone before putting her order through.

I will update you once I get it and get the feel for it.