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S21 Ultra Useless Since Update, no network, bluetooth

(Topic created on: 12-04-2022 03:11 AM)
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Ever since the last update, my phone has been worthless. Yes I've wiped the cache partition and taken every recommended troubleshooting action out there (at least anything I could find). Can't use data anymore whatsoever, bluetooth is a hot mess going in and out, but I can make calls and sometimes text. 

Took it to Verizon who said "well that's on Samsung, you'll have to wait another month or so until they roll out another update and hope that fixes it. That's not on us. "

So yeah. Basically I have an expensive worthless phone. I dont have time for this. This household has been full of samsung devices for years and this is enough to make me walk away.  Any recommendations?  Verizon told me to go to Apple which I loathe, but I'd rather have a working iPhone than a worthless S21 Ultra. 

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I appreciate you've tried some troubleshooting tips @Wheresthebeach 

A last resort would be to back up the phone and factory reset if you haven't already. 

Also as a process of elimination try your sim card in another phone and if possible another sim card in your phone and then see what happens. This is to rule out the sim card or network.

It may also be beneficial to let Samsung have hands on with the phone.

To be honest it's poor for your provider to have that attitude especially if they supplied the phone with contract.

I was under the impression customer support in America was important to businesses in regards to supporting their customers. I appreciate they do not control phone updates , although in the Uk where i am some networks ask Samsung to hold off sending out updates until they've tested that it does not clash with their network apps and features.

You could also send feedback via your Samsung Members app under the GetHelp section.

A Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store might be able to help in-house. 

I wish you all the best. 


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Under settings search for reset.

And Reset network settings.

Restart phone and see if it helps.

You could Also take the sim out and put it back in .
Galaxy S21 Series

Dont bother waiting. It's a hardware issue. Been happening since July last year and Samsung's done nothing about it. Software updates have been recking the motherboards in the s21 ultra. You'd have to get your motherboard replaced to fix this issue.