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Lost Samsung S21 Ultra 5G in Paris

(Topic created on: 28-02-2023 10:50 PM)
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I purchased Samsung S21 Ultra 5G premium phone for more than £1000 pounds believing this phone is good as an iPhone i.e. features, security etc.  

The phone been good, but one thing I never imagined, probably most of us never imagine it would ever happen. but that unlucky day while visiting Paris metro,  my Samsung S21 Ultra 5G phone was stolen. I never recovered it. It never came online to see in Find my device. apparently thieves are smarter than Samsung and they know once phone is stolen, take out the sim cards and stop it coming online thus whole find my device thing is a useless joke if someone stole your phone and they know what to do next. the most annoying thing I found is that Samsung has no feature like Apple, where Apple blocks the phone ever using it again. Samsung still dependant upon imei number to block phone usage knowingly there is no world wide directory where you can add phone to be blocked i.e. my phone network is uk based but phone stolen in Paris, France and phone can be sent to any third country to be used without any issues. 

on the other hand Apple has features that totally disable the iphone to ever use again. when user tries to activate it, which only can be done on Apple servers, it met with error to thieves that this phone is stolen thus can not be activated.

Why Samsung has not built any such feature as of yet? 

I never imagined I ll lost my phone ever, but it happened to me and it may happen to anyone. 

apparently, I am without phone atm, thinking to buy an Apple phone for this reason.

any suggestions what should I do?

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I don't think this is true as I have had a friend have his phone stolen in the UK, he contacted his network provider to block and block in on his iPhone system. He is 35k in hole from fraudulent access to his bank.

So wherever system you think Apple has over Samsung, it not any better.

Crooks can circumvent whatever companies can throw at it.

Good luck with the Apple

I would change all bank passwords and contact the bank to make sure they aware of the loss of device
You should report it straight to your network provider and would automatically blocked that device from being used. The network provider has the IMEI number of your phone so it is blocked from working again doesn't matter if they just change the sim it can't be used.
If you were signed in to your Google account on the phone then if the phone is reset Google factory reset protection (FRP) kicks in, requiring the user to login to the Google account previously associated with the phone before it can be used.

Just like if you Google search "apple activation lock bypass", there are also many articles out there on how to bypass the Google FRP - as to how easy it is to bypass is a different question.
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Samsung as offline find available if it was activated.

Also being an android you could have both Samsung and Google find activated.

Although I believe the battery takes a hit .

You should be also be able to wipe your phone and stuff.

So options are there. Its just that if they were activated or not.