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So many issues after andriod 13 one ui 5

(Topic created on: 10-01-2023 11:58 PM)
I have the samsung s21 plus 5g dual sim 128gb storage on ee in the uk and since andriod 13 one ui 5 my phone has so many bugs it's laggy slow multiple bugs 
Rotate very slow to having to rotate back and forth to rotate
In youtube also rotate is slow to not responsive I have to force full screen by pressing the button 
Zooming on Web pages dies not work you try to zoom into a spot and it zooms in not on the spot and you can't move across or navigate around the page you have to zoom back out and try to zoom into that part and if it's near the edge of the screen (a document for instance) well forget it it won't work and that is with chrome haven't tried samsung Internet 
When typing a messing in outlook Facebook messenger and messages the page don't move up so you can see what your typing 
Facebook messenger when writing a message will randomly minimise on you and you open it and your message is still there but if it does it or you choose to finish typing later and your screen locks well get ready to write it again and all apps are up to date 
Missed calls notification is spotty at best you have to look yourself 
Poor network all the time 
Volume turns down when listening to music randomly it turns down to the recommended setting before the warning your listening to it to loud 
After receiving a notification while listening to music it will dim the music to play the tone but then stays like that until you turn it up 
Constant Bluetooth device drops I have to reconnect or turn beats wireless headphones off and back on again to regain connection 
When recining email notifications and you pull down to delete the email from the notification it deletes but notification stays you Swipe it away and look to see if it deleted and it had so notification will not respond to what your telling it 
When beats headphones are connected and you Swipe away the notification it comes back you Swipe it away and it comes back 

I know that is a lot and there is probably more to be honest but that is what is happening on mine and the keyboard plays up with spelling it will remove and change your perfectly spelt word and replace it with jumble and I know what I'm doing all my apps are up to date all my settings are fine I have all the latest security patches 1st of January I have the latest software I have performed diagnostics on my phone I have cleared the cache partition and my fingerprint sensor isn't as responsive either I'm so shocked how bad this version of andriod with one ui 5 is it is really bad I have been checking for system updates every day is anyone else having these problems and more and is there a more stable version coming my keyboard just closed then randomly lol its a nightmare if you take the time to read this thank you I do ramble and I know no grammar or full stops but you can read it lol 

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Hi @Bloodierrain  I am aware that some customers have problems with Android 13 but these are not universal, only ever encountered minor issues myself.  I realise it does not necessarily help and you have carried out some maintenance.  Wiping the cache partition after updates  can solve a number of issues and it is also  advisable to Repair Apps from the same Recovery Menu.   However sometimes it is necessary to Factory Reset the device, ensuring Data is backed up before doing so.

You may also wish to send error Reports via the Members App,  Samsung Members-Support-Error Reports. Select category and  system logs will be generated. Can also attach a Screen Recording.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

sorry to hear you have problems... oddly mine seems a bit smoother since the update....i have done the cache wipe though, so that might have helped