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Galaxy S21 and One UI SUggestions

(Topic created on: 12-09-2021 10:59 AM)
Galaxy S21 Series

Dear Samsung,

Here I am again in my 100th post giving you my 1000th suggestion and feedback.

Your S21 lineup's sales have dwindled in the past 2 years mainly because of the competition offering better price-for-specs ratio and more intuitive UI. And they also listen to their customers. 

So here are my suggestions (here me out):

1. Full and unrestricted compatibility with third-party launchers especially when it comes to Android 11’s navigation and gestures. (Samsung is well documented and notoriously known to restrict some features w/ Android 11’s gestures and navigations)

2. A far better way to hide apps and then easily finding them later (MIUI/Poco launcher and Oxygen OS launchers does it better and in many ways also secure. Some third-party launchers has the ability but read #1 again please)

3. A phone launched 6 months ago SHOULD and MUST have a lower price by now and by at least £200 off to counter the competition. The trade-in inclusive devices and values have seemingly slightly improved since last year but it could be better by including Xiaomi devices. 

4. A cleaner, more stock-looking One UI. The icons shapes and icons themselves look "childish" and outdated. UPDATE for more personalization by allowing the ability to install third-party icon packs, changing icon sizes, shapes, appearance, etc. 

5. A higher pixel count on the selfie cameras backed up by HDR+, ultrawide lens, autofocus (not fixed focus) and resolution up to 4K/30fps with EIS.

6. A higher quality pre-installed thin plastic screen protector on ALL devices.

7. A physical capacitive side-mounted or rear-mounted fingerprint sensor to the A-line and well optimised, ultrafast, on-screen optical fingerprint sensor for the S & Fold line.

8. Various updates (cameras, battery life, general performance, etc.) based on actual customer feedbacks. 

Xiaomi has overtaken you in the Europe and the UK. I think it is time you implement massive changes to your device hardware, software, pricing, etc. 

Samsung needs to change with the times.

As an Android user of 11 years I feel extremely serious about these things above.



Big Cheese
Galaxy S21 Series
After creating the icon, you need to select add shortcut! Did you select that? Another way to try is:
1) Hold down the home screen in a blank area.
2) Drah Shortcut Maker widget to blank tile on the home screen.

Then, after that just follow the procedures I have mentioned previously and you should be good to go 😁!
Galaxy S21 Series

It is very frustrating. The Shortcut Maker doesn't seem to work on tablets. And i'm on One UI 3.1 already.

I just wish Samsung would give One UI more powers, more flexibility when it comes to changing icon sizes, shapes & appearance. One UI 3.1 still very restrictive. 

Big Cheese
Galaxy S21 Series
If price were the same, I'd be inclined to take the S21.