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Samsung galaxy s20 ultra usb c to 3.5mm horrible CALL quality

(Topic created on: 27-02-2023 04:31 AM)

Hopefully you guys can help me figure this out. I've bought several usb c to 3.5mm adapters to use with my galaxy s20 ultra. All of them provide excellent sound quality for music listening but none of them does not provide a smooth call voice for the other party. Basically when i call someone they cannot hear me clearly and i can hear them very clearly.

I have galaxy s10 with headphone jack and a earphone with mic i used all the time for calls and music which does give me excellent call and music quality. 

With galaxy s20 ultra I'm using same earphone and i also video recorded my self voice with both phones to check the recording quality. Galaxy s20 ultra with usb c to 3.5mm adapter is not good. 

The adapters i tested below. 

+ Samsung

+ Arktek

+ Jxmox

+ Jsaux

Can anyone give me what to buy so I can make phone calls without the person at the other end getting annoyed. 

Some of these adapters I've also tried with the laptop with usb c and recorded voice is bad quality so i don't think any issue with the phone. 

Any thoughts?

I sometimes use wired headphones but have not really experienced any issues. I also did on my previous S20. I tend to avoid amazon and ebay for electrical items as they are flooded with copies from China etc. I would suggest validating that the accessories your using are genuine authentic brands. If you still have the wired headset that came with the S20 give that a try and see if it's better. My suspicion is there may be a dodgy connection either the cable or the adapter, its also worth making sure there is no dust in the USB C slot

I tried these adapters with another usb c phone and the laptop. Both of them provide low/bad call quality for the other party.  So I'm certain it's not the issue with the phone or connector. The Samsung adapter i bought from Amazon Samsung store.

Also I've bought google usb c to 3.5mm adapter and it's taking forever to deliver, supposed to deliver yesterday but not delivered yet. Hopefully that will work. If not i really don't know what to do.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

First Poster

I have also an issue with a galaxy A54 brand new with 3 different adapters , hapenning only on phone call but not on music.

I tried booting in safe mode (by holding power off button until it prompts you to boot ) and I still have the issue.

My next test will be disabling Dolby Atmos in the settings...