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S20fe 5G charging issue

(Topic created on: 10-09-2022 10:25 AM)
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Hey guys, bit of a weird one. My partner's s20fe 5g will only seem to actually take charge from any charger only when turned off or if charging wirelessly. 

If it's turned on, more often than not it will indicate it's charging (level goes up) but even if left on for a couple of hours when it's unplugged it goes back to the level it was on before haven't gone down the reset route yet but just curious, does this usually mean the battery is on its way out already 





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Hi @Jamsterdm 

If trying other official Samsung chargers do not help then if the charging port is clean of debris [ use a torch ] it maybe beneficial to have a Samsung Service Centre take a look.

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In Brazil we got a lot of user with the same issue. You can plug your device on any charger and the battery stops chaging at anytime, even showing "charging" notification. This issue are happening after *VF* update on all S20 FE (exynos, snapdragon 4G and 5G). It looks a Software issue. I did the Software roolback and the issue is gone, so I will not do any the update before I see any comment about this issue. My last experience with that issue, I pluged my device on charger a whole night and my battery goes 13% to 9% in 9h "charging". and on next night it goes 16% to 22% in 7h charging. It's not happening every charge. I have this issues only on warmer nights.

I'm in the UK and since the android 13 update the fast charging doesn't seem to be working. At first the phone states fit example 1hr 25m then I find after 2 -3 hrs is still charging. I often use my phone whilst charging and before this update it didn't make this much difference. Now its taking around 4 hours to charge. I'm wondering if its the update or could possibly have something to do with web view as that can mess a lot of other things up. 🤔