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S20 Series Display Issue

(Topic created on: 18-05-2022 03:35 PM)
md tasneem mansoori

screen got completely white and green. also tried everything like safe mode, restart, soft reset, hard reset, uninstall 3rd party apps etc. but didn't resolve my issue,  in starting there is lite visible line flickering on may be 2nd May 2022 but after 10 to 12 day its completely white screen and unable to use my phone, while i m using my phone carefully , always protecting from accidents, waters and all. no any hairline scratches on my phone, no any water damages after that i m having this issue just after updating my phone. service center said for screen replacement which is too costly. i m regular user of samsung but after caring too much my phone i facing this issue then i will no longer its user. samsung should replace all that s20 series displays free of cost which damaged automatically, means all s20 series which doesn't have liquid damage or physical damage signs.  #screenissue #s20display #s20displayissue #s20screenissue #Samsung, @SamsungIndia, @SamsungMobile

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Has the Samsung Service Centre just verbally advised to you how much a screen replacement would cost or  have they had actual hands on with the phone to assess the phone, and then advised the display has been accidentally damaged by you so isn't covered under the Limited 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty @md tasneem mansoori 

If they've had hands on and advised the above then you can ask for a 2nd opinion , or use any relevant insurance cover for the phone, or you'd need to consider paying Samsung to repair the phone if you really want to continue using that unit.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

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Even my s20+ display stared showing a green line on display without any physical damage to the phone